Client closed the connection.

I was using smartftp the other day and then all of a sudden, when I went to open it, it wouldnt connect. I get this error message:

Client closed the connection.
Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
Continue to login attempt 2...
Resolving host name ""
Connecting to Port: 21
Connected to
220 X2 WS_FTP Server 2.0.4 (4168704290)
Timeout (20s).

There was an IP # there, I took it out for the post.

My ISp says its not them (although thats what they say about EVERYTHING) Im on horrible dial up ( I cant get anything else).

Any ideas what this error could be? Any help would be appreciated!


Increase the timeout in the global and the favorite item settings to 60 seconds and then try again.

try disabling your windows firewall.

I had exactly the same problem as you. I've disabled the firewall and now it works fine.

If you're on dialup you won't want to have your firewall disabled permanently, but at least you'll be able to log in.