Putting a large amount of files onto the queue

I'm trying to add a large amount of files (around 500'000) to the queue, and am doing this using the right-click - drag - add to queue method on the directory I want to have transfered. This works fine, and the directory and all its subdirectories are added to the queue. In the next phase however, the queue info panel shows 'sorting' on the various subdirs one by one, and it takes forever; haven't seen it doing any transfers as of yet (few hours into it), still 'sorting' on the subdirs. Is there a way to speed this up, for instance by turning of the sort (don't quite see the need for sorting) to get the files transfering more quickly?
PS Transfering using the 'direct' method works fine, but I'd like the restartability of the queue.

Regards -- John

Please always copy the info from the about box so we can which SmartFTP version you are using ... new builds come out almost weekly, one of these may already fix your issue.