My Original File Is No Longer Working - HELP

I just posted about my inability to upload a file and I now have a bigger problem: the original file I was trying to upload is no longer accessible on my computer. I created the file in MS Publisher; it was 38+ meg. It's now sitting in my "Global Queue" (it was in the Queue Source...I have no idea how it got to Global Queue). The size is listed as 38.1 MB.

When I attempt to open the original file (using MS edit it), I receive a message stating "Publisher cannot open this file. This is not a Publisher file." OF COURSE it's a Publisher file...I created it using Publisher! I used Windows Explorer to check the file properties...and it's still listed as a "Microsoft Publisher Document" but the file size is only 1 KB.

Please tell me there's a way to get my original file back for editing purposes.

Obviously, I'm just "not getting it" but thus far, this program has been a disappointment.

That's probably because the file is still in SmartFTP's queue and thus locked. See step 1) of my post here ... st&p=32718

to see how to fix that. You may want to exit SMartFTP and try to open the file in Published before you proceed to step 2).