Tabbed view

I've looked through the setting & help files, but still don't get it....

How do I get the interface to look like these screenshots, with tabbed views for the connections and local browsers?




In the menu, go to "Window" -> "Auto Layout" and check "Local Left - Remote Right". At any time, if you only have one tabbed view, you can also drag & drop a tab to the rightmost window edge to move that tab to its own tabbed view.


In the 'Window' menu I don't see a 'auto layout'. I see 'auto arrange' but that does not have the options you described.

I have version 1.5 Unlicensed and it doesn't look like the screenshots at all... no colors, etc. I have "Enable XP look" checked. Is this because I am unlicensed?

Thanks again.

It's because your're using version 1.5 and not the (beta) version 2.0. You should have noticed from the screenshots you linked above that your version 1.5 looks completely different, let alone the tabs.

Thanks for clearing that up.

I did notice the difference right away. One of things I looked for was a difference in versions. Nothing in the support documentation or on the on the screen shots themselves indicate they are not relevant to the released version. All links to download the product download the released version, 1.5, except the one clearly marked "for testing".

I think you'll agree that most customers will download the latest released version, and assume the support documentation linked from the application pertains to what they aquired.

Again, I do appreciate your help.