How to do this?

Hi, I would like to transfer different files from 2 or more ftp site using global queue and I would like Smartftp to do this at the same time. I don't want it to transfer the queue one by one which means that it will transfer file from site A then only site B. I want it to use only 1 connection and if I use the multiple thread it might use the left thread when one site has finished all the files.

I hope you understand what I mean by that.

What should I do?


With the default settings, this should already work. Make sure under Tools -> Settings, Queue you have "Max Threads per Site" e.g. set to 1 and "Number of Threads" set to something >= 2. Also check "Reuse Existing Connection" and "Start Queue on Startup" below.

Then how to I make it to site specific for example, site A allow only 1 connections while site site B allow 2 connections. Does the settings in favourite will permit this or all the transfer in the global queue subject to the settings in Tools -> Settings, Queue only?


Just look at a favorite's settings: You can override the global default for the number of allowed connections per site in the favorite settings at Transfer -> Queue (I'm refering to SmartFTP 2.0).