How to get Windows XP firewall to work with SmartFTP

Hi, I downloaded SmartFTP a while ago but could never get it to connect to my server. Well, I tried again tonight and still no luck, so just for kicks I shut off Windows Firewall and behold, connection successful! I don't understand it because SmartFTP is on the exceptions list, so it shouldn't have any problems connecting while the firewall is on. I don't have any other firewalls so that's why I didn't think Windows Firewall was the problem in the first place.

Is there some other setting I need to change that I'm not aware of? I just don't want to worry about shutting off the firewall every time I want to work on my website.

I've got exactly the same problem.

I've had the trouble of sometimes being able to log in, sometimes not, and have just disable my windows firewall because of your post, and now it works :)

But yeah ... no idea why it's doing it!