Edit a file directly on a server without download?

Hello all,

I am new to SmartFTP anfer just dumping cuteFTP. I do however have one question which I cannot find an answer to. In cute, when I right clicked on a file on the server, I was able to edit it there and then. When I try to do this in SmartFTP, it opens a notepad window and makes me download to edit. Is there a way to change this so I can edit fdirectly on the server?

Thanks in advance.

There is no way you can edit the remote file without downloading some data first. The Edit function in SmartFTP Client works the same ways as in all other FTP clients.

*No* FTP client program can edit files directly on the server. What *all* of these programs do is to:

1. Download the file to edit to a temporary folder on your local machine.
2. Open the file in your editor / associated application.
3. Upload the file again as soon as you save it / close the editor.

All this happens transparently to the user, so most users think they are editing the file on the server. Recent SmartFTP versions (try the beta of version 2.0) can do this, too, but maybe all the stuff above is a little less transparent to the user, because AFAIK a confirmation dialog is displayed (I do not remember as I do not use this feature).