425 Can't open data connection

Hello all,

When I download files from my web host server and upload files to my web host server, smartFTP works fine.
It is really great software and it is very easy to use.

I tried to FXP (transfer files from one server to another) and I got the following error:
"425 Can't open data connection"
on the 2 servers.

I read an article on this problem in the knowledge base.
https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/425- ... n-f59.html
Can someone explain what do I need to do exactly in the connection setting dialog?

Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks in advance for your help

The knowledge base entry only refers to normal (i.e. non-FXP) operation. In your case most likely at least one of the servers does not allow FXP. Check with the FTP server admins to be sure.

Hello eyebex,

I entered wikipedia and looked at FXP in the following page:
I saw the protocol in the diagram and then I looked at what smartFTP did.

Everything worked like the diagram.
In the end, one server gave the data port and the other tried to connect.
Then I got on the server that tried to connect to the other the following error:
"425 Can't open data connection"

Can you help?

Thanks in advance

As I said, it's a server-side configuration issue (probably they need to tweak their firewall / port forwarding settings). There is nothing we or you can do at this point.

PS: Please post the full connection log next time you encounter problems.

Hello eyebex,

I asked my web host if they support FXP and this is their answer:
"FXP is disabled for security reasons, FXP can cause FTP bounce or dos attack."

What do you think about it?
Is it really dangerous to enable FXP?

Thanks for your help

Yes, enabling FXP is potentially dangerous. That is also what the Wikipedia article you've linked to states.

Hello eyebex,

I will download from one server to my computer and then upload to the other server.
It will take time but it will be safe.
Many thanks for your help.