very low speed when uploading

can someone tell me why the speed of uploading files to ftp server is allways between 4 to 5 bps - that means that a file of 5 mb takes 20 minutes to upload...
what shoud i do?
my connection i adsl and suefing in the internet is very fast.

When surfing the web, it's your downlink that counts (i.e. how fast you can download data from the Internet). When uploading, it's your uplink that counts. ADSL connections have, as the name suggests, highly asymmetric downlink / uplink ratios, e.g. a downlink of 6 MBit/s vs. an uplink of 0.7 MBit/s is quite common. And as ADSL gets "faster", usually only the downlink grows, not the uplink, because downlink is what people seem to want ... that's why uploading for you ADSL guys is so slow.