trojan horse messages from norton antivirus 2005

I have seen a similar post to mine back in november, so sorry if this is a duplicate.

I was forced to make an upgrade last week and have noticed that during file transfer NAV 2005 keeps reporting "Attempted Trojan attacks" and different name for them each time I click "more info". does my client pc maybe have a virus that is atempting to use the port when it is opened by smartftp?

I will run a full scan this evening, but only get these messages when I use smartftp..

the version I am using is 1.5.991.. it is an "Unlicensed Version" for personal use.



hmmm a slight update it only seems to be complaining about trojan attacks if I am connected to web hosting, it doesn't complain at all when I am using it with verio..? I assume that perhaps my shared hosting machine has viruses.. is that possible for viruses to travel down an open smartftp connection?

No, that's not possible. It's most likely a false alarm anyways. I have my own option about the reliability of Norton products ...