Overwrite, Skip, Abort (?)

I don't completely comprehend what happens when I open a file on my server via SmartFTP then I make changes then I upload it.

When I open the same file name again, via SmartFTP, I am asked if I want to: Overwrite, Skip, or Abort.

I wouldn't think I should have those options because I am only editing the file...I haven't saved it yet.

I think I sometimes choose the wrong option and when the file opens it doesn't have the changes I had saved to it the last time I uploaded it.



Please search the forum ... read e.g.

https://www.smartftp.com/forums/Edit-a-f ... 10310.html

to understand how "remote edit" works. That said, if you edit the same file twice, there still is a copy from the first edit session in the temp directory. So the commonly wanted action to choose here is "Overwrite".