Installer defaults to C:\, no option to choose otherwise!

I'm kinda annoyed by your installer. It leaves no options as to where to install SmartFTP, which is exactly what happened when I just updated from 990 to 991. I've been using this app for probably five years now and it's not until now you made the setup so dummy friendly that you annoy users who actually wish to choose where to place files and folders.

I suggest you sort this ASAP because it's extremely annoying for all users who have partitioned their drives deliberately.

Secondly, I regret you changed from phpBB to the widely inferior IPB for your forums. It was a poor decision on your part.

Okay, thanks for your reply. I guess it's what happens when software engineers at Microsoft make things "usable". Less choices = less things go wrong = idiocy.

As far as customization goes, I'm sure you'd think otherwise you actually knew how. If you are familiar with XTemplate for Drupal you'll know what I mean and fact is phpBB is even easier to customize.

As for security, IPB has until now had more security releases than phpBB in much shorter order so don't make false statements. phpBB is a secure solution for any responsible forum administrator. If you don't keep things up to date you only got yourself to blame, regardless of whether you use phpBB, IPB, vB or whatever else.

IPB, as you noted, as way less usable, and Invision is a company with business practices that put United Carbide in shame.

I preferred the old forum. Nuff said.

I don't have time to search all the bugs on phpbb MUCH more than the bugs on ipb and it don't has nothing to do with the target of this forum.