Automatic Download of files

I have a folder on my game server and in this folder I have images that build up over the course of a day. I want to download those images to my personal webserver at designated periods of time automatically.

I have some questions about this process:

1. Is there a setting in the program that allows me to do that?
2. Can I also have the FTP assign time and date stamps to the images so I do not over write them?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.



I found out how to use the global que to set up a scheduled downlod from a server to a specific location.

However the use of this brings to my mind another question ontop of my previous question:

1. Can I add time and date stamps to the files as the download to prevent them from over writting themselves?

2. Can I set the que up to delete the files off of the server after I have downloaded them?


Hi, you can't add time and date stamps to the filenames and also you can't delete the files from the server on automatic way.

would be nice to have these features added wouldn't it?


I think 1) is very specific, and adding a more generic approach with regexp / templated renaming options is too complex and IMHO not worth the effort. However, 2) would be nice, agreed. I think mb already promised this for SmartFTP 2.0 (I have not checked if it is in supported the beta yet).