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How To schedule a transfer

How To Schedule a Transfer

  1. Stop the transfer queue
  2. Do the file transfer operation
  3. A new transfer gets added to the transfer queue 
  4. In the transfer queue, right-click the transfer which you want to schedule
  5. To make any changes (e.g. a different destination folder) select Properties from the context menu
  6. Otherwise, select Schedule from the context menu
  7. The task Properties property sheet opens
  8. In the General dialog, for the Security options:
    To run the scheduled task in the interactive session, you can use the default settings.
    To run the tasked whether the user is logged in or not, see KB: How to run scheduled tasks
  9. Go to the Triggers dialog and add the conditions which will trigger the task.
  10. Click OK
  11. A new task is created
  12. Go to the Scheduler pane
  13. Right-click the newly created task
  14. Select Run from the context menu
  15. If you have set up the task in 8. to run in the interactive session, a new transfer is added to the transfer queue.
  16. Go to the Transfer Queue pane
  17. Start the transfer queue


For a step by step tutorial, see the Schedule the transfer of a folder tutorial.

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