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SmartFTP Client

Версия 9.0.2848 (Еще не выпущен)

    Версия 9.0.2841

    • Local Browser: Added support for shell: namespace. E.g. shell:favorites
    • Transfer Queue: Added Open Source Folder and Open Destination Folder to context menu
    • FTP: Added support for HASH response as specified in draft-ietf-ftpext2-hash-03 / draft-bryan-ftpext-hash-02

    Версия 9.0.2839

    • Updated Scintilla to version 5.0
    • Improved Custom Commands editor

    Версия 9.0.2836

    • The recently used download folders can now be removed/renamed in the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.

    Версия 9.0.2835

    • Added new "Show recently used download folders in UI" setting to the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.
    • The Windows “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access” setting is respected now.

    Версия 9.0.2833

    • UI: Improved accessibility
    • UI: Added "Reopen closed tab" functionality. Also accessible with the global key shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T)

    Версия 9.0.2831

    • UI: Added tab/panes selector, use Ctrl+Tab

    Версия 9.0.2828

    • Updated German translation
    • UI: Improved Statistics popup

    Версия 9.0.2818

    • UI: Reduced total memory usage by over 10%

    Версия 9.0.2810

    • UI: Improved startup time

    Версия 9.0.2805

    • UI: Improved keyboard handling
    • Support for Windows 10 Version 20H2

    Версия 9.0.2799

    • UI: Significantly reduced GDI handle usage.

    Версия 9.0.2795

    • FTP: Removed support for UPnP, NetSharing manager which was only used for the deprecated active mode (PORT).

    Версия 9.0.2794

    • TLS 1.3 is now supported on Windows 10 Insider builds, starting with Build 20170

    Версия 9.0.2782

    • Terminal: New window-less frontend
    • OpenPGP Decrypt Plugin: Added new "Use strong cryptography" option.

    Версия 9.0.2780

    • SSH: Added support for SSH authentication agent (OpenSSH for Windows, KeeAgent)

    Версия 9.0.2773

    • Google Drive: Added "Shared with me" virtual folder

    Версия 9.0.2768

    • SmartFTP uses Segment Heap on Windows 10 Version 2004 or newer.

    Версия 9.0.2766

    • Internal: Completely removed MFC dependency

    Версия 9.0.2759

    • UI: Added function to add commands from the application menu to the Quick Access toolbar
    • Setup: The setup for the 64-bit version comes with a 64-bit setup.

    Версия 9.0.2751

    • SSH: Removed proprietary curve25519 and ed25519 implementation

    Версия 9.0.2750

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 2004

    Версия 9.0.2746

    • UI: Improved accessibility in text editor

    Версия 9.0.2745

    • UI: More accessibility improvements

    Версия 9.0.2742

    • Bitwarden CLI version 1.9 and newer is required now
    • UI: Replaced common controls list-view with new DUI based list-view implementation.
    • The text editor is now long path aware

    Версия 9.0.2737

    • UI: Improved accessibility
    • SSH: Always use bcrypt (instead of openssl) for DH key exchange

    Версия 9.0.2733

    • Happy new year. All legacy Home edition licenses have been upgraded to the Professional edition at no charge.

    Версия 9.0.2731

    • UI: Improved multi monitor support
    • S3: Improved interoperability with 3rd party S3-compatible object store providers

    Версия 9.0.2725

    • UI: New DUI based implementation of text editor frame.

    Версия 9.0.2717

    • UI: Adds ability to customize (pin/unpin commands) simplified ribbon.

    Версия 9.0.2708

    • New simplified ribbon (optional)

    Версия 9.0.2707

    • Bitwarden: Adds support for two-factor authorization (2FA)
    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1909

    Версия 9.0.2706

    • Bitwarden CLI version 1.8 and newer is required now

    Версия 9.0.2705

    • Adds new "New - Folder (prompt for name)" context menu command in Remote Browser which prompts for the folder name before a folder is created.
    • S3: Adds support for additional storage classes

    Версия 9.0.2703

    • Addressed problems with browser panes (e.g. navigation) in Windows 10 Version 1903 or higher.

    Версия 9.0.2694

    • Backblaze B2: Adds support for application keys limited to a specific bucket

    Версия 9.0.2673

    • Backblaze B2: Added support to move/rename and copy files.

    Версия 9.0.2671

    • SSH: Restored support for insecure DSA keys.

    Версия 9.0.2669

    • Adds support for Bitwarden password management service

    Версия 9.0.2667

    • Internal: Ported GDI+ code to Direct2D. Removed GDI+ dependency.
    • Internal: Use SVG parser and renderer from Direct2D when available (Windows 10 Creators Update).
    • UI: Browser: Added drag&drop support to breadcrumb bar.
    • Favorites: WinSCP site importer understands UTF-8 now.
    • FTP: Improved file exist check with servers not supporting modern commands like MLST (e.g. Microsoft's IIS FTP).
    • SSH: Added support for host key rotation extension "hostkeys-00@openssh.com"

    Версия 9.0.2659

    • Updated Scintilla to version 4.1.5

    Версия 9.0.2656

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1903

    Версия 9.0.2647

    • UI: New docking pane implementation.

    Версия 9.0.2644

    • FTP/SFTP/SSH: Modernized async socket executor implementation
    • Security: Enabled additional process mitigations (DisableExtensionPoints, NoRemoteImages, NoLowMandatoryLabelImages) by default.

    Версия 9.0.2637

    • Transfer Queue: Improved performance when using transfer filters, rename filters, priority list or an ASCII file list.
    • Transfer Queue: The file exist action (e.g. overwrite) is only evaluated once, the first time the item is processed. This avoids repeated and possible expensive hash integrity checks, in case the transfer fails for other reasons (e.g. transfer quota exceeded).

    Версия 9.0.2635

    • SSH: Removed support for deprecated DSA client and host keys.

    Версия 9.0.2628

    • UI: New implementation for MDI tab manager
    • Updated Scintilla to version 4.1.3

    Версия 9.0.2625

    • Transfer Queue: In the General dialog, the source and destination paths are validated now
    • Updated vcredist to the latest version (14.16.27024)
    • Google Drive: Improved error handling. Rate limit errors are reported now.
    • Terminal: Optimization: Do not redraw non-visible windows
    • OneDrive: Implemented workaround for breaking change in OneDrive API

    Версия 9.0.2611

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1809
    • UI: New ribbon implementation for main window
    • PGPDecrypt: Added support for GnuPG 2.2.10

    Версия 9.0.2609

    • 1Password: Adds support for 1Password CLI (op) version 0.5.1 and newer.
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