Microsoft OneDrive

The Ultimate edition of SmartFTP includes a OneDrive client for Microsoft OneDrive Personal and Business. The following is a list of features which specifically applies to OneDrive.


Supported endpoints

  • OneDrive Personal
  • OneDrive Business (including SharePoint sites and document libraries)

Supported OneDrive Business Azure Environments

  • Azure US
  • Azure US Government L4
  • Azure US Government L5 (DoD)
  • Azure China
  • Azure Germany

Access to shared folders

Access folders which have been shared with you.

Share files and folders

Easily create a link to a shared file or folder.

Resumable uploads

Uploads are automatically resumed if the transfer gets interrupted.

Multiple accounts

Setup and access multiple OneDrive Personal and Business accounts at the same time.


The OneDrive protocol can also be used with all the other protocol agnostic features that SmartFTP offers.