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ECCN is the Export Control Classification Number assigned by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security. This number designates the level of control for a specific product. SmartFTP falls under:

5D992 - This classification is for software which uses encryption technology and is eligible for export to all countries, with certain exceptions. SmartFTP uses the Microsoft CryptoAPI library, which is part of the Microsoft Windows base operating system.

LIC is the license type most appropriate for the listed ECCN. For ECCN 5D992 classifications no export license is required and is designated as NLR.
NLR - No License Required (To Most Countries)

CCATS is the Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System. This is code number assigned by the BIS for products with an ECCN 5D002 classification. SmartFTP doesn't require a CCATS number.


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