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AddToQueue command line tool


The AddToQueue.exe command line tool can be used to add operations (copy, move, delete) from the command line to the transfer queue.


The AddToQueue.exe tool can be found in the %ProgramFiles%\SmartFTP Client folder.



AddToQueue.exe copy|move|delete file|folder|unknown source [destination] [--wait[=seconds]] [--overwrite] [--service]


  • copy
    Copies a file or folder
  • move
    Moves a file or folder
  • delete
    Deletes a file or folder


  • file
  • folder

Source and Destination

  • Local file system path
    Example: c:\temp or c:\temp\test.txt
  • Remote

Note: If the path contains any white spaces, quote the string with double quotes (").


  • --wait[=seconds]
     wait until operation has completed. seconds is the timeout for the wait.
  • --overwrite
    force overwrite, otherwise use file exist rules.
  • --quiet
    no output.
  • --service
    force use of service instance.
    by default the service instance is only used if this tools runs in session 0 (background)


  • Copy a single file from remote to local
    AddToQueue.exe copy file "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/This is a DEMO server.txt" "c:\test.txt"
  • Upload a local folder to remote
    AddToQueue.exe copy folder c:\test "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/test" 
    Note: Specify the complete destination path and not the parent folder.
  • Move a local folder to remote
    AddToQueue.exe copy folder c:\test "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/test"
  • Rename a remote file
    AddToQueue.exe move file "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/test/from.txt" "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/test/to.txt"


Locate FavoriteId

Each favorite you have configured in SmartFTP has a unique identifier assigned. This identifier is used to reference the favorite in the command line tool.
KB: FavoriteId


You can start with using the FavoriteId from the pre-defined "SmartFTP FTPS" favorite:

To copy a file from the server to c:\temp\test.txt, use:
AddToQueue.exe copy file "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/This is a DEMO server.txt" "C:\temp\test.txt"

Wait for Completion

By default, the tool returns immediately after the operation has been queued to the transfer queue. To wait for the successful completion of the operation, add the --wait option to the command line.

AddToQueue.exe copy file "{8DB6D858-4F03-4412-BE47-23575544231E}/This is a DEMO server.txt" "C:\test.txt" --wait

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