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How To setup a dual transfer environment

You want to download large files in the background from one server but you still want to quickly edit a file on the same server.

When using only one favorite to do this the edit operation will have to wait until the large transfers are finished.

Solution I 

  1. Create a copy of your existing favorite which already contains the username/password and host information to connect to a particular server. For example you can rename the copy to "My Favorite - Large Transfers".
  2. Go to the favorite settings of the "My Favorite - Large Transfers" favorite. Then go to the TransferQueue dialog. Set the Number of Workers to 1.
    Important: The setting need to be changed in the favorite settings and not in the global settings.
  3. Connect to the "My Favorite - Large Transfers" favorite
  4. Set the number of Workers in the Transfer Queue pane to a value greater than 1. For example to 2.
  5. Download all the larges files. The transfer will be added to the Transfer Queue. You will notice that the Transfer Queue will only use one worker for all the files you have just added, regardless of the workers transfer queue setting.
  6. Connect to the other favorite which you use to do your normal tasks like editing a file.
  7. Now edit any file you want and it gets immediately processed in the Transfer Queue.

Solution II
With this solution the Open / View / Print / Play operations are handled in the Remote Browser instead of the Transfer Queue and therefore reuse the current connection in the Remote Browser. This also means that the Remote Browser is blocked during the download.

  1. Go to menu: File - Settings. Then go to the General - Navigation dialog.
  2. Set the Open / View / Print / Play operation to Browser.
  3. Click OK to apply the change

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