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Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

UPnP can solve NAT (Network Address Translation) connection problems with active (PORT) mode.

Typical Scenario
The client is behind a NAT and wants to connect to an FTP server supporting PORT mode only (because the server is behind a NAT as well or due to security / firewall policies). In this case without UPnP the ports have to be manually enabled and forwarded in the NAT router and a port range has to be defined in the FTP client configuration. With the new (UPnP) feature everything is automatically handled for the user.

UPnP Advantages and FTP

  • Detect External IP Address (Send correct IP address in PORT command)
  • Dynamic Port Mappings (Add/Remove port mappings on the fly)

    Security Concerns
    The ports are only opened as long as they are needed. The UPnP mappings are automatically removed when the transfer is finished or aborted.

How To

  1. Select Favorites > Edit Favorites from the SmartFTP menu. The SmartFTP Favorites window appears.
  2. From the SmartFTP Favorites window select the Favorite of interest. Right click on the Favorite and select Properties. The Properties dialog appears.
  3. Under the FTP option select Connection. From the Connection tab under Data Connection you can enable UPnP for the selected Favorite.

Note: The change is saved and active for future FTP sessions of this favorite item.

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