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SmartFTP Client

Verzió 10.0.3160 (Még nincs kiadva)

  • UI: Improved support for pinned items in brower's namespace tree control
  • UI: Added missing overlay icons in brower's namespace tree control

Verzió 10.0.3150

  • SSH: Removed non-standardized sntrup761
  • Transfer Queue: Renamed Post Process plugin to Run Program

Verzió 10.0.3142

  • UI: Render optimizations to reduce CPU/GPU usage.
  • UI: Corrected some minor issues with dark mode
  • Updated Scintilla to 5.3.6

Verzió 10.0.3132

  • Windows 11: Added function to register sparse package in Settings - General - Advanced dialog.
  • UI: The DirectX hardware renderer for GDI interop is used now if available (Improves performance and reduces main memory usage).
  • Shell: Replaced icon overlay handler for Drop Folder with a static icon
  • UI: Improved dark mode support for Win32 Common Controls
  • Transfer Queue: Added options to ignore certain items (skipped/folder) in Email notifier, Database and File Logger.
  • Added setting (Settings - Scheduler) to automatically refresh the Scheduler pane

Verzió 10.0.3115

  • UI: Added in-place scroll support for normal popup menus.
  • Modernized VC runtime libraries which are linked against the OneCore apiset are used now
  • UI: Improved caching in Direct2D render path reduces memory usage
  • Setup: The embedded resource (SmartFTP.msi) can now be extracted from the bootstrapper using WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc. or by calling SmartFTP-Setup.exe /x outdir
  • Text Editor: Font, caret and highlight colors are loaded/saved from/to style files instead of using extra, separate settings.
  • UI: Added border to active tab / pane
  • The ftp:// url prefix is used now for FTP and FTPS (Explicit). ftps:// is used for FTPS (Implicit).
  • FTPS: Disabled TLS 1.3 because Schannel does not support session resumption which is required to open a secure data connection.
  • ShellTools: Modernized context menu
  • Settings: Added [ ] long path aware option in the Settings - Remote Edit - editor dialog. When enabled, a temporary folder containing the remote path will be created when remote editing a file.
  • Transfer Queue: Post Process Plugin: Added "On Task Complete" action
  • Updated Scintilla to 5.3.5
  • Transfer Queue: Added notification selection to Database and File Logger

Verzió 10.0.3094

  • Setup: Replaced NSIS bootstrapper
  • UI: Many improvements for dynamic (per monitor) DPI changes
  • Settings: Text Editor - Styles: Added button to reset styles to default
  • Text Editor: Added lexer and styler for json5, MS-TSQL, GDScript
  • Text Editor: Added default styles for dark mode
  • Source Preview Handler: Added support for dark mode
  • Browser: The shell view settings (columns, sort order, etc) are saved per folder type now. To apply the current view settings to all folders with the same type, go to the View tab, then Options. In the Folder Options dialog, go to the View tab and click the "Apply to Folders" button.
  • Refactored history

Verzió 10.0.3083

  • Updated Scintilla to 5.3.4
  • UI: Improvements for dark mode
  • UI: Replaced more bitmap icons with SVG icons
  • Remote Browser: Delete operations are now always executed by the Transfer Queue

Verzió 10.0.3070

  • UI: Improved keyboard navigation
  • Updated Scintilla to 5.3.3
  • UI: Added dark mode for native dialogs and common controls (Windows 10 19H1 or newer)
  • HTTP Digest Access Authentication: Added support for SHA-256 and SHA-512-256 algorithms

Verzió 10.0.3057

  • UI: Added support for new namespace tree control style in Windows 11 22H2
  • UI: Browser: Clicking the middle mouse button on a folder in the tree control opens the folder in a new tab
  • Enabled security feature eXtended Flow Guard (XFG)
  • UI: Added new Navigation pane options: Expand to open folder, Show Network
  • UI: Added support for cloud (e.g. OneDrive) icon overlays for availability status in namespace tree control.
  • UI: Implemented last word selection when double clicking on an empty space in the address bar edit control.
  • UI: Optimized layout calculation of popup menus
  • Improved LastPass integration: better error reporting, improved usability of login dialog, support for latest LastPass protocol changes.

Verzió 10.0.3037

  • Visual Compare: Added a max items threshold. Views with more than 50'000 items will not be compared.
  • File Monitor pane: Added Size and Date modified columns.
  • UI: Floating docking panes show an icon in the title bar now
  • UI: Controls get clipped instead of compressed when there isn't sufficient space
  • UI: Content in a split container is proportionally resized now
  • Favorites: Plesk importer updated to support the latest Plesk version.
  • UI: Improved browser's address band control

Verzió 10.0.3030

  • Favorites: Removed DreamHost importer as the API to retrieve accounts is no longer available
  • UI: Improved responsiveness.
  • Browser: Added "Compare result" column which shows the result of a visual compare operation
  • Added ability to associate a Local favorite with a transfer queue task. This is only relevant when scheduling Local to Local transfers.
  • UI: Added key tip direct access without pressing the Alt key first. Alt+F to open the File menu, Alt+H for the Home tab, Alt+V for the View tab, etc.

Verzió 10.0.3022

  • UI: Added Shift + mouse wheel to scroll horizontally
  • Text Editor: Added support for large files (>2GB)
  • UI: Storage property page: Replaced 3D pie chart with 2D version for improved readability
  • Text Editor: Allow multi selection in file open dialog
  • UI: Improved responsiveness, especially with a lot of open tabs
  • Updated zlib to 1.2.13
  • Text Editor: Improved loading and saving of documents, especially of UTF16 encoded files
  • Text Editor: Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+Ins/Shift+Del now support rectangular selections and copy data in multiple formats (text, rtf, html) to the clipboard
  • Text Editor: RTF converter supports 4 byte UTF8 codepoints (e.g. ❤️) now.
  • Text Editor: The view state (scrollbar, cursor position) is now restored when a document is being reloaded due to an external modification.
  • Terminal: Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab keys to switch to the next/previous tab are no longer sent to the terminal emulator

Verzió 10.0.3009

  • S3: Added support for SigV4A authentication
  • UI: Improved high contrast theme
  • Box: Added support to resume broken uploads

Verzió 10.0.3007

  • UI: Lots of minor improvements
  • Updated Scintilla to version 5.3.0
  • Box: Use chunked uploads for files greater than 512MB.

Verzió 10.0.3001

  • UI: Applied fluent design language to menus
  • UI: Middle clicking a folder in the body of remote-/localbrowser will now open it in a new tab.
  • SFTP: Added support for limits@openssh.com

Verzió 10.0.2991

  • UI: New Windows 11 style icon set consisting of vector images (svg)
  • Bitwarden: Uses API key client_id/client_secret for authentication now
  • 1Password: Added support for CLI version 2

Verzió 10.0.2970

  • Terminal: Replaced the user configurable regular expression to match URLs with a compiled regular expression.
  • Favorites: Added new Equals type for the the filters (priority, ASCII, compression) and for the Auto Rename rules.
  • FTPShellExtension: Reduced memory allocations for certain item operations. This in particular improves performance when listing / sorting huge folders (>10k items) in the Remote Browser.

Verzió 10.0.2964

  • sntrup761: Added AVX2 code path
  • New Hungarian localization thanks to Kiss Dénes László
  • Transfer Queue: Streamlined file integrity check for uploads
  • Setup: The 64-bit setup is now compatible with the "Mandatory ASLR" system setting.
  • Transfer Queue: No longer acquires file hash lock when the protocol is guaranteed to return pre-cached file hash values.

Verzió 10.0.2954

  • Adds preliminary support for Windows 11 version 22H2
  • AddToQueue.exe: Added --service and --quiet option
  • UI: Added "Background Transfer Queue" pane. It can be enabled in the View tab, under Panes using the Application drop-down button.
  • Transfer Queue: The performance counter manifest (TransferQueue.Counter.man) is available now. For more details: KB: Transfer Queue Performance Counters
  • SSH: Added support for sntrup761x25519-sha512@openssh.com key exchange

Verzió 10.0.2948

  • Transfer Queue: Improved error logging for pre and post process events
  • UI: Improved mouse wheel support for certain UI elements
  • UI: Replaced menu items with a checked state (Enabled) with dynamic menu items (Enable/Disable). This works around a regression in Windows 11's native menu implementation.
  • Transfer Queue: A warning is logged when the Post Process plugin is enabled but not configured.
  • Updated zlib to version 1.2.12
  • UI: Improvements (e.g. Esc key support) for the edit control in the browser Filter tool bar.

Verzió 10.0.2943

  • UI: Added black color scheme
  • OneDrive: Added Microsoft Graph beta features

Verzió 10.0.2941

  • Visual refresh using the Fluent Design principles
  • Transfer Queue: Added OAuth2 authentication (for Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Mail.ru) to Email Notification Plugin

Verzió 10.0.2937

  • Added setting (Settings - Connection) to control how long a connection from the connection pool will be reused after inactivity.

Verzió 10.0.2935

  • Windows 11: Added support for snap layouts

Verzió 10.0.2929

  • SSH: Added support for PuTTY v3 key files
  • UI: Improved docking pane system. Floating panes are docked to the previous container. The previous floating pane size is restored.

Verzió 10.0.2924

  • Separated service from main application. Important: The service must be recreated in the Settings - Scheduler dialog.

Verzió 10.0.2920

  • Windows 11: menus use native border (rounded corners) and shadows

Verzió 10.0.2917

  • Main frame uses native frame borders (rounded corners on Windows 11) and shadows
  • SSH: Added support for proprietary OpenSSH certificates

Verzió 10.0.2915

  • UI: Added function to toggle Actions task panel in Scheduler pane
  • Added support for regular expressions in Transfer Auto Rename rules.

Verzió 10.0.2912

  • UI: Added status bar to Multi Upload and Scheduler panes

Verzió 10.0.2911

  • UI: Windows 11: Added "Compact" view option to ribbon
  • Improved path validation in Quick Connect and Favorite Properties dialogs
  • Addressed an issue where the application would crash if there were no items in the history and the user was pressing a key.

Verzió 10.0.2910

  • UI: Added support for tablet mode in shell navigation pane. When tablet mode is enabled, the item height is automatically increased.
  • Remote Browser: Added support for thumbnail providers which don't follow the requirements of a thumbnail provider. E.g. SageThumb

Verzió 10.0.2909

  • BulkRename: Added support for regular expressions in replace/remove text rule
  • S3: Fixed cross region object copy
  • Support for Windows 10 Version 21H2
  • UI: Favorite history control: Added support for backspace to remove the last typed character
  • Corrected case conversion (upper/lower) of non-ASCII characters

Verzió 10.0.2908

  • Windows 11: Addressed an issue where the columns in the shell items view could no longer be resized
  • Text Editor: Added document modified indicator back
  • Text Editor: Fixed the issue where the cursor position and focus were not restored
  • Text Editor: Fixed the broken "stream comment" command
  • FTP Shell Extension: Made various minor performance optimizations
  • UI: Added "Copy path" to tab context menu
  • Local Browser: HTTP urls are now delegated to the default web browser
  • OneDrive: Added support for SharePoint Online (sites and document libraries)
  • OneDrive: Reauthentication is necessary for all existing favorites.

Verzió 10.0.2907

  • SmartFTP is now available on winget. To install it, run this command: winget install smartftp

Verzió 10.0.2904

  • Preliminary support for Windows 11 insider builds
  • UI: Added touch screen mode
  • Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary Update) or newer is required.
  • The Visual C++ Redistributable Package (vcredist) is no longer installed.
  • OneDrive: Added support for Azure US Government L5 (DoD)

Verzió 9.0.2854

  • Terminal: Added "Enable VT100 line drawing even in UTF-8 mode" option

Verzió 9.0.2852

  • UI: Added option to dock vertical tabs on the right side.
  • Updated Scintilla to version 5.0.3

Verzió 9.0.2851

  • UI: Improved usability for touch screen devices

Verzió 9.0.2850

  • Improved performance when the text editor control (Scintilla) is resized.

Verzió 9.0.2847

  • Enabled Hardware-enforced Stack Protection (cetcompat) for all modules.

Verzió 9.0.2845

  • UI: Added vertical tabs sidebar
  • Transfer Queue: Separation of client and server data model
  • Support for Windows 10 Version 21H1

Verzió 9.0.2841

  • Local Browser: Added support for shell: namespace. E.g. shell:favorites
  • Transfer Queue: Added Open Source Folder and Open Destination Folder to context menu
  • FTP: Added support for HASH response as specified in draft-ietf-ftpext2-hash-03 / draft-bryan-ftpext-hash-02

Verzió 9.0.2839

  • Updated Scintilla to version 5.0
  • Improved Custom Commands editor

Verzió 9.0.2836

  • The recently used download folders can now be removed/renamed in the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.

Verzió 9.0.2835

  • Added new "Show recently used download folders in UI" setting to the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.
  • The Windows “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access” setting is respected now.

Verzió 9.0.2833

  • UI: Improved accessibility
  • UI: Added "Reopen closed tab" functionality. Also accessible with the global key shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T)

Verzió 9.0.2831

  • UI: Added tab/panes selector, use Ctrl+Tab

Verzió 9.0.2828

  • Updated German translation
  • UI: Improved Statistics popup

Verzió 9.0.2818

  • UI: Reduced total memory usage by over 10%
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