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Article 2748

Enable loading of custom fonts


When the "Untrusted Font Blocking" [2] group policy setting is enabled, SmartFTP cannot load the memory font which it uses to render many glyphs in the user interface.


Option 1

Disable the "Untrusted Font Blocking" mitigation group policy [2].

With the Windows 10 v1703 security configuration baseline, Microsoft is removing the recommendation to enable the “Untrusted Font Blocking” Group Policy setting in Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Mitigation Options [1].

Option 2

Exclude SmartFTP.exe process from the policy. 

  1. Download and import the EnableUntrustedFonts.reg into the registry.
  2. Restart the computer


  1. Dropping the “Untrusted Font Blocking” setting
  2. Block untrusted fonts in an enterprise


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