The SmartFTP Client Software Development Kit (SDK) offers you the ability to extend SmartFTP and it allows you to automate SmartFTP. The objects are accessible through COM interfaces.

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The following samples are included in the SDK:

File d'attente de transfert

Add Items to Transfer Queue

Creates new items and adds them to the transfer queue in a running instance of SmartFTP.
Emplacement: Samples\TransferQueue\AddToQueue
Emplacement: Samples\TransferQueue\AddItemToQueue

Transfer Queue Plugin

Sample plugin in C++
Emplacement: Samples\TransferQueue\SamplePlugin


Transfer Statistics

Polls SmartFTP for the current upload and download rate and writes the data to a csv file.
Emplacement: Samples\TransferQueue\Performance Counter

Transfer Statistics using RRDtool

Uses RRDtool to generate transfer statistics.
Emplacement: Samples\SmartFTP\rrdtool


Some ideas of applications and plugins that can be created using the SDK.


  • Import Favorites/Sites from other applications/database to SmartFTP.
  • Export favorites to a database

File d'attente de transfert

  • Fill transfer queue with items from a database, text file or RSS feed.
  • Create application which uses transfer queue to automate transfers.
  • Run commands, update a file, write a log or notify users after a transfer queue item has been processed.


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