Moving folder does not update tree view

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Moving folder does not update tree view

Post by cytro » Wed Feb 05, 2003 9:58 pm

I ran into a small problem when doing the following:

I copied a folder called "libs" from z:sitesclientname to f:clientname.2003. Since this did not update the tree as I expected it to, I "right click dragged" the folder to the same folder, and selected move from the dialog. SmartFTP prompted me that the folder already existed and asked if it should overwrite the data, which I did.

When I looked into it further, I noticed that the folder was not present in the tree view on the left, but when I selected the parent folder, the moved folder does show on the detail list, but I could not access the folder from that. The only way to restore this problem seemed to be restarting SmartFTP.

Some details that may be of interest:

Both drives were local hard disk partitions
The active view was a "local browser"
Program version was 1.0.973
Operating system Windows XP Pro UK SP1

If you need any ore details I will be happy to comply to your wishes.

Additional note: Closing and reopening the local browser window also updated the tree view.

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Re: Moving folder does not update tree view

Post by epp_b » Fri Feb 07, 2003 3:49 am

It's a known issue, I've seen it too. You should just be able to refresh the view. It's that the local browser doesn't seem to automatically refresh quite properly.

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