LoadLicenseKeyData returns FALSE ?!

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LoadLicenseKeyData returns FALSE ?!

Post by uksbi » Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:46 pm


we updated our dll to version Now the following code returns FALSE ...

Code: Select all

Public objGlobal As sfFTPLib.Global

Set objGlobal = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.Global")

If objGlobal.LoadLicenseKeyData(strKey) = True Then

	Debug.Print "+ INFO ... SmartFTP Registrierung ... OK"


	Debug.Print "+ ERROR ... SmartFTP nicht registriert"

End If

Is it a problem of our license or is it a bug. The version before update was
The rest of the code to transfer the data works fine.

THX for help ... Ulf

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Re: LoadLicenseKeyData returns FALSE ?!

Post by mb » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:14 pm

Dear Ulf ..

The maintenance of your license key expired. It means that you need to renew your license key if you want to use a version of the SmartFTP FTP Library which has been released after the maintenance expiration date in your license key.

You can renew your license key here:


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