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SmartFTP 1.2 Change Log

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 3:52 pm
by mb
Build Number: 987
Development Status: EOL
Final Code ETA: v1.2 Mid May
  • Fixed problems with speed limits in the global queue.
  • When moving a file to a different folder SmartFTP now checks if a file with the same name already exists and shows a file exist dialog.
  • Drag&Drop within the same listview is now possible
  • Completed drag&drop to the listview in the remote view
  • If XCRC is not supported by the server and a .sfv file is available in the folder the file has been downloaded to, SmartFTP takes the the CRC32 value from the sfv file for transfer integrity decisions.
  • Support for .md5 and md5sums for post-transfer integrity check. Note: Make sure the files (.md5 and md5sums) with the hashs exist in the local folder. Add the extensions to the priority list. This will be done automatically in the next build 986.
  • Split up Settings->General dialog into 3 dialogs. General, General->Log, Queue->Log
  • Added settings for "Favorites Folder" to Settings->General dialog. It's now possible to share your Favorites.dat with different users.
  • Added context menu to history combo box when the list box is displayed and the right-mouse button is pressed
  • If the file exists for a file move operation and the user action is overwrite, the file is deleted (DELE) prior to move.
  • Global Queue: Added SIZE command at the beginning of a download to get the the latest remote file size.
  • Added Transfer Integrity Dialog in Global Settings
  • New transfer integrity "Hash Source" option in the dialog above.
  • Global Queue: More transfer integrity information in the queue log.
  • Internal replacement of some common used functions (CreateDirectory, RemoveDirectory, Path class). You may experience unexpected problems.
1.1.986.3 1.1.986.5
  • Global Queue: Added Transfer Integrity "Compare local hash with remote hash before transfer" option.
  • Statically linked FTPLIB.dll and Language.dll with SmartFTP.exe
  • Using Winsock v1.1.
  • Major refactoring of RemoteView.
  • RemoteView: When SmartFTP is waiting to retry, you can force it by sending a "Reconnect" (Ctrl+R) command.
  • Global Queue: Queue will go on to the next item if the login to the server failed. Before it was just retrying the same item until the max retry count had been reached.
  • Settings: Compression: New file exception list
  • Settings: Connection: SSL: Data connection mode options now for list and file transfers
  • Fixed a bug with SFV parser and hash with leading 0.
  • Fixed a bug with the Download -> Global Queue -> Local Destination -> Select Folder function when queuing a folder from the tree view
  • Global Queue: Fixed various problems with FXP File
  • Fixed high cpu usage for SSL downloads and directory listings.
  • URL Watcher workaround for Firefox.
  • Refactored and partly rewrote "Remote View" code.
  • New Settings -> Transfer->File Exist dialog. Please review the "File Exist" global settings if you changed them before.
  • Queue Main: Removed window height limit
  • Queue Main: Order of columns is now saved
  • New docking windows for "Transfers" and "Local Folders"
  • Queue: Pause/Resume feature for items.
  • Queue: Removed the confusing "Split Folders Contents to seperate items" option. It's always enabled now.
  • Settings: New static controls with simple formatting.
  • Ident: Ident server partly rewritten.
  • MDI: Auto Arrange setting is now restored when reverting back (clicking on restore button) from Maximize mode.
  • Remote View: "Properties" function now possible for tree items.
  • Remote View: Recursive Chmod.
  • Remote View: Fixed folder move bugs introduced in 1.2.987.12.
  • Fixed tab item context menu position
  • Fixed problem with session queue not starting.