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SmartFTP 1.0.983 Change Log

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 11:35 am
by mb
Build Number:983
Development Status:Final
  • New License Reminder, Maintenance Expiration, Expiration dialogs
  • Fixed Queue Timer dialog
  • Fixed parsing of two double quotes in PWD reply.
  • Fixed small problem with parsing DOS directory listing entries.
  • Global Queue Upload: If the MKD fails, SmartFTP will still try to CWD into the directory.
  • Global Queue Upload: Enhanced upload strategy to avoid directory listings. As a result uploading of many directories is a lot faster now.
  • Fixed "Keep File Time" for FXP transfers.
  • FXP file transfers optimized. Directory listings are avoided which speeds up things with the "Split Folder Contents" queue option enabled.
  • Introduced new dialogs for License Reminder, Expiration and Maintenance Expiration.
  • Fixed freeze when connecting to a site under some circumstances.
  • File logging for CryptoAPI functions
  • Fixed problem with license key file verification on systems with misbehaving crpyto providers.
  • Fixed crash when the drive SmartFTP is downloading to gets unplugged. e.g. external USB drive.
  • URL auto detect in log control.
  • Experimental Active Help introduced.
  • Fixed MDTM which is being used to set the file time of a remote file. e.g. for keep file time function on uploads.
  • Updated 8bit icons in the toolbar of "Update Check" dialog.
  • SOCKS5: IP of target host is used when available.
  • Added file size check at the end of the transfer for queue uploads.
  • Set default transfer mode to binary
  • Fixed bug which caused duplicate history items if the "Save Password" option was disabled in the history settings. The password of existing history items with an empty password is now updated when the "Save Password" option is enabled.
  • Updated SmartFTP Backup Tool to latest version 1.4.6
  • Removed Settings->Display->Toolbar dialog.