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SmartFTP 1.1.984 Change Log

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:57 am
by mb
Build Number: 984
Development Status: Final
Final Code ETA: 14.February 2005
  • Simple remote editing. Commands->Edit or F7
  • Changed "Properties / CHMOD" virtual key from F7 to Alt+Enter
  • Removed OOB data in ABOR command.
  • Added Remote Edit dialog with automatically upload feature. When the file is uploaded back to the remote server no file exist dialog is displayed and the file gets overwritten.
  • Added sound event for remote edit.
  • Rewrote DOS directory parser
  • Fixed crash introduced in 1.0.984.2
  • Fixed various virtual keys. e.g. Ctrl+A, Alt+Return
  • Fixed date/time display bug in file exist dialog.
  • Added SIZE check for FXP transfers in the Global Queue.
  • Added transfer integrity checks (SIZE, XCRC) for uploads and downloads in Global Queue. Works for transfers in binary mode only.
  • New "Default Drag and Drop Operation" option in Settings -> Navigation. Set it to "Queue" for best experience.
  • Global Queue: Added CRC check to make decision whether to resume/overwrite the file on upload/download.
  • Added CRC settings in Settings -> Transfer
  • Global Queue: Added post-transfer CRC check for FXP transfers.
  • Global Queue: Added XCRC check to compare existing files before FXP transfer.
  • REST check for "stream" (binary) mode only.
  • If "Auto Transfer Type" is selected, ASCII mode for FTP servers running on non-Windows system is disabled.
  • Added more information regarding ASCII transfers in the Settings->Transfer->ASCII/Binary dialog. Removed all ASCII extensions beside ".pl". Use "Set Defaults" to load the defaults.
  • LIST doesn't require TYPE A anymore.
  • Ultraedit is used as the default editor in case it's installed.
  • Global Queue window is created on startup and not on demand. => The Global Queue starts the transfers when its hidden as well.
  • Workaround for mouse snap problem.
  • Paste of URLs in the Global Queue and the Queue Source tab handles URLs with no username/password correctly now.
  • Added detection for "NoFeel FTP Server"
  • MDI windows don't change the order anymore if the main window is resized.
  • Auto Arrange is disabled by default for new installations.
  • CCC support. Tested with Global Scape FTP Server and ShareIt.
  • The Localbrowser now sorts the same way as the Windows Explorer.
  • If "Windows_NT" is found in the SYST server reply, the client sends no LIST arguments.
  • PROT before CCC
  • Added file icons to the Global Queue and Queue Source list view.
  • Updated resource dlls (language) are required
  • Partial support for RaidenFTPd MLSD extension Win32.ea.
    Files with the hidden attribute set are displayed with a transparent file icon, compressed files in blue color and encrypted files in green color.
    Custom commands updated. To get the defaults go to Commands->Edit Custom Commands and click on the "Restore Defaults" toolbar button.