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SmartFTP 1.0.982 Change Log

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:54 am
by mb
Build Number: 982
Development Status: Final
  • Added 'Transfer->Queue' settings to favorite item. The maximal number of threads can now be set per site.
  • Added 'Keep File Time' on upload and FXP. (experimental).
    Note: Does only work if the remote server supports the MDTM extension. For details see: Topic 6739
  • Queue items with a favorite item associated now use the favorite settings.
  • Reengineering of internal structures to allow implementation of UTC file time support.
  • SmartFTP now assumes that the time/date returned by MLST/MLSD is in UTC (it's what the RFC recommends). For FTP servers returning the local time the wrong date/time is displayed.
  • Redesigned URL dialog. e.g. Queue Item Properties. Queue Item -> Set URL and Remote View : Global Queue -> Enter Remote URL...
  • Fixed bug with uploading over the Global Queue with the 'Split Directory' option disabled (non default). The files were uploaded in reverse order.
  • Fixed create folder in listview (broken since build 1.0.982.0)
  • Fixed possible problem with the CBase64Encoder which is being used by the HTTP proxy implementation.
  • VxWorks server support
  • Added 'MODE Z' (zlib compression) support for directory listings.
    Tested with RaidenFTPd and Gene6 3.x.
  • Small fix for SSL/TLS data connections.
  • zlib compression support for all transfer. Use the Settings->Transfer->Compression dialog to configure.
  • Fixed bug with moving multiple queue items at once
  • If the Compression -> Upload Mode is set to Auto, SmartFTP estimates the compression ratio and decides whether to use compression or not.
  • Added support for IBM z/OS MVS load library directory listings
  • Windows 98 only: Fixed bug what caused a Kernel32 exception.
  • Replaced Crypto++ with MS Crypto API. Reduced .exe size by 200 KB and setup size by 70 KB.
  • Fixed buffer overflow with custom commands.
  • Added new update check
  • Fixed zlib estimation check for uploads with non MODE Z ftp servers.
  • Setup: NSI: Added check if the SmartFTP.exe is loaded on installation.
  • Setup: MSI: Added [x] Launch Application checkbox to Finish dialog
  • Modifications to the Menu: Help->About : License Key dialog. Maintenance Expiration and Date of Issue are now displayed.
  • SmartFTP License Key (SmartFTP.key) is searched in "Application Data Folder" e.g. C:Document and Settings<user>Application DataSmartFTP and not in SmartFTP "Program Application Folder" e.g. C:Program FilesSmartFTP as before.
  • Workaround for Stratos FTP server. FQN (fully qualified names) in MLSD/MLST are now ignored.
  • SmartFTP now auto-detects HFS and MVS mode on a z/OS system.
  • Fixed queue item server id. All queue items got the same server id assigned which caused a few problems. e.g. "file/directory not found" error when reusing the connection.
  • Queue Speed Limit was ignored when queue items with a non-existant favorite item associated were processed.
  • Added "CD" command to the command line. It converts the path (argument) to the remote server path format. A "CWD" sent over the command line won't temper the argument anymore.
    Note: Use CWD to change to HFS mode on z/OS
  • RemoteView: When having an item selected in the treeview and using the Download->Global Queue->Local Destination->Recent Folders function, the directory name wasn't added to the local destination folder.
  • Fixed drag&drop from Queue Source or Queue Main to Localbrowser.
  • The size of directories is now displayed in the Remoteview if size > 0
  • Added PRET (drftpd) for FXP transfers.