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SmartFTP 1.0.973 Change Log

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 3:46 am
by mb
Build Number: 973
Development Status: Final
Final Code ETA: Feb 1, 2003
11-Nov-2002 19:55
  • Fixed a serious crash caused by the "Global Queue".
11-Nov-2002 20:54
  • Fixed a Favorites password import bug with FlashFXP.
11-Nov-2002 22:36
  • Fixed a retry problem when the server is closed or offline .
12-Nov-2002 10:22
  • Updated the registration data section with "Numbers of Users".
  • Fixed some minor Queue issues.
13-Nov-2002 01:21
  • Fixed a "Copy Url" to Queue pasting problem.
13-Nov-2002 23:47
  • Fixed a crash for the Global Queue, when a file is 0 Byte in size.
14-Nov-2002 01:01
  • Added folder link support for the Local Browser.
  • Fixed the "Local Browser" UNC folder link problem.
14-Nov-2002 17:53
  • Fixed some problems with VMS, which was no longer functioning.
18-Nov-2002 02:40
  • Fixed a IBM iSeries AS/400 server problem.
  • Added detection for Titan FTP Server.
  • Pasting to the Queue handles URL's better now.
20-Nov-2002 13:07
  • Fixed a small RAS crash bug for Windows 98.
  • Fixed a mis-spelled word in the SSL settings dialog.
22-Nov-2002 01:53
  • Fixed potential dead lock in Queue while reading the directory contents.
22-Nov-2002 19:47
  • Fixed a Alpha/VMS problem.
  • Command Line was broken for Win98.
24-Nov-2002 16:36
  • Fixed a dead lock on save problem.
07-Dec-2002 04:24
  • Fixed a "French" character directory listing problem.
11-Dec-2002 05:13
  • Added a number of days used feature, in the Help -> About dialog.
12-Dec-2002 16:59
  • Added a visually rich "Statistics" feature.
13-Dec-2002 04:06
  • Cleaned up some existing code.
16-Dec-2002 01:19
  • Incremented version number to "1.0.972.0" dev.
21-Dec-2002 22:51
  • Fixed some minor issues with the "Statistics" feature. Such as the "Line Speed".
  • Added three new options to the "Statistics" window. (Always on Top, Show Caption, Show Full Size).
  • Added a "Statistics" "Toolbar" button, also a shortcut key of "Ctrl+P".
22-Dec-2002 04:06
  • Fixed a problem with the "Statistics" window. Where "Transfers" would display negative numbers for download.
  • Added a new icon for the "Statistics" option, under the toolbars menu.
  • Added a "Close" option, for the "Statistics" window.
25-Dec-2002 23:49
  • Fixed a problem with the"Statistics" window. Where "Transfers" would display negative numbers for upload.
  • Fixed a problem with"Resizing & Positioning" would not save, when the "Show Full Size" option was enabled, for the "Statistics".
  • Fixed a problem with the "Always on Top" feature, for the "Statistics" window. It would not save it's state, when disabled.
26-Dec-2002 07:15
  • The Queue list sorting, has just been re-written.
27-Dec-2002 02:52
  • Added a "Transparency" option for the "Statistics".
27-Dec-2002 07:20
  • Fixed a "Global Queue" upload problem, when the "Split Folder Contents to Seperate Items" was disabled, files would be transferred in reverse.
29-Dec-2002 07:06
  • Fixed a thread problem with FXP and the "Global Queue".
30-Dec-2002 05:00
  • Fixed a SSL problem with "Titan / Visnetic FTP Server", where the SSL icon on the status bar would not display.
01-Jan-2003 23:06
  • Fixed a minor issue with the "Statistics" feature.
02-Jan-2003 00:32
  • Fixed a "MSI" shortcut problem, which occured on the "Local Browser" & "Local Folder Bar".
02-Jan-2003 03:16
  • Did some very minor cosmetic changes.
08-Jan-2003 01:44
  • Fixed a "Local Browser" to remote window, "Drag & Drop" Queue problem.
  • Fixed a "Local Port Range" exception, when the range was already in use.
  • Fixed a problem, where the "Ignore Empty Folders" option, if disabled for a remote FXP transfer, would still be treated as being enabled.
09-Jan-2003 05:53
  • Added a "Force Server IP for PASV Mode" feature. Which is useful for servers with NAT / Non-Routable IP addresses.
  • Added a "Port IP Mode" feature. There are three options to choose from. (Default, Manual, Auto).
    |- Default: Uses machine IP
    |- Manual: Uses IP specified
    |- Auto: Gets external / WAN IP from;.
    NOTE: Auto doesn't work with a HTTP proxy.
10-Jan-2003 20:46
  • Fixed a "Max Retries" problem, where the number 1 was treated as 0.
  • Fixed a IBM iSeries AS/400 server problem.
10-Jan-2003 22:14
  • Fixed a problem with the "Speed & Elapsed - Left" columns.
11-Jan-2003 05:01
  • Fixed a upload speed problem, with the "Global Queue".
12-Jan-2003 03:31
  • FTP cache system partly rewritten. Fixed several bugs.
12-Jan-2003 22:58
  • Fixed bug with zip/cab folders in Localbrowser.
14-Jan-2003 22:20
  • Fixed a small cosmetic thread bug.
14-Jan-2003 22:44
  • Added support for Stratus/VOS system
16-Jan-2003 02:59
  • The default buffer size for transfers is now 8 KB and is only increased if required.
    |- Fixes some problems with non-reliable current speeds and transfer timeouts.
17-Jan-2003 22:08
  • Fixed a small problem with "Empty Cache".
17-Jan-2003 23:18
  • Some minor "Queue" thread fixes and improvements have been made.
19-Jan-2003 05:21
  • The Queue engine now also sends a CLNT command after the FEAT reply.
21-Jan-2003 02:32
  • Fixed all known problems with copy&paste of text, for Windows 98/ME.
21-Jan-2003 20:15
  • Improved the "IP Repeater".
24-Jan-2003 16:51
  • Fixed a minor Mvs problem.
    27-Jan-2003 05:38
  • All code from "Controls2.dll" has been migrated to "SmartFTP.exe".
    |- The "Controls2.dll" file may be deleted now.
27-Jan-2003 15:39
  • The "Development Builds" now use the (NSIS Setup).
    |- The "SFTPDev.exe" detects the MSI installation path, and if not found, the default install path will be "C:\Program Files\SmartFTP".
27-Jan-2003 22:32
  • Major code re factoring.
29-Jan-2003 15:13
  • Fixed a problem where dates of 2002 would be displayed, instead of 2003.
29-Jan-2003 23:55
  • Fixed a crash, which would happen when you left the "Transfers / Connections" panel open upon exit.
30-Jan-2003 16:21
  • Fixed a crash for Win98.
30-Jan-2003 20:10
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with "Commands > Connection -> "Passive Mode".
  • Added a "Auto Expand Folders in Tree View" feature. Can be found in the "Navigation" settings.
31-Jan-2003 00:44
  • Fixed a problem with the state of the "Url Catcher" on the toolbar, which wasn't loaded on startup. (9X).
31-Jan-2003 21:11
  • Fixed a problem with the "Change Folder" feature.
01-Feb-2003 01:43
  • Extended the "Exception Handler" dialog, by adding a "Mini Dump" save feature.
  • Added a new info dialog "Prompt" for the address bar.
  • Fixed the "Statistics" resizing problem. (9X).
  • Fixed a "Quick Folders" insert group problem.
01-Feb-2003 06:25
  • The "Development Build" installer now displays the Date/Time on the titlebar.
    |- This will now be known as the final (972) development build.