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SmartFTP 1.0.970 Change Log

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2002 4:45 am
by Louie
Build Number: 970
Development Status: EOL
Final Code ETA: Nov 1, 2002
  • Fixed a pasting problem using the Ctrl+V keys.
  • Fixed a Session Queue problem with items getting deleted, this would occur when the abort command was issued and when "Continue On Error" was enabled.
  • Fixed a small settings dialog problem; was not saving settings on certain circumstances.
  • Added the ability to use your thumb button on your mouse as a back button.
  • The "Selection Groups" has a new control.
  • Fixed a problem with the recent folders not saving, this only occured to the Queue Source & Global Queue.
  • Fixed the Session to Global Queue drag & drop problem.
  • Fixed a Local Browser rename problem.
  • Added a new setting to disable reverse lookup for IP's during connection.
  • Fixed the Settings > General > Text Viewer "select" button option was inaccessible.
  • Rewrote some parts of the Queue; the max number of threads per "SmartFTP.exe" process was limited to 16, it's now unlimited.
  • Fixed a nasty Global Queue abort bug; the queue was not functional when this problem was encountered, you were also forced to end the process.
  • Fixed a problem when files were deleted in a remote server connection window, the "objects indicator" would not display the correct updated stats.
  • Fixed the Execute/View problem; the wrong file name was being sent to the text file viewer.
  • SSL: If the default user certificate is available in the "My" cert store, it will be used as the client certificate for SSL connections.
  • Added a new toolbar button (PASV) - You will have to "Customize > Reset" for the new button to be displayed.
  • The "Display" settings has a new control.
  • Fixed "Current Speed" displaying negative zero speeds, this would occur when transfer speed was over 1,000 KB/s.
  • Fixed command line options.
  • Reset of queue item status text on "Queue Start"
  • Fixed startup problem when "Active Buddy" was running
  • Fixed "Queue Stop" problem on Win9x
  • Fixed "D&E: drive is not accessible" error upon close of the Local browser. This problem occured on Win9x only.
  • Fixed a zip file slow down problem under XP, when accessing the local browser with quite a few *.zip files.
  • Added "On Queue Complete" feature. (Idle, Stop Queue, Close Application, Lock Workstation, Logoff, Shutdown)
  • The "Sounds" settings has a new control.
  • Fixed a small "On Queue Complete Bug" If disconnected from the remote server, it would perform the action ahead of time.
  • Fixed a small sort by order problem for the favorites "Last Connect" It would not sort the N/A sites.
  • Added a status indicator on the Global Queue, it will let you know what *.que file you currently got loaded.
  • Fixed a freeze bug when deleting and emptying the history in Settings->History.
  • Fixed a bug with the Settings->User Prompt page.
  • The "Continue on Error" option has no effect in the Queue anymore.
  • Fixed a small listing decoder bug when having the [-T] option enabled.
  • Removed "Show Colored Lines" and "Show State Images" options from the Settings->Color dialog.
  • Fixed Alt + Enter problem in Edit->Favorites on Win9x.
  • Added "On Queue Complete" dropdown button on the "Global Queue" toolbar, the Save & Save As buttons have been merged.
  • Added "Hibernate" to "On Queue Complete" options
  • Rewrote "Proxy Exceptions". You can now use globing (wildcards like ?,*). Now working in the Global Queue as well.
  • Added a seperator for the "On Queue Complete"
NOTE: After it has performed the action the option is reset to "Idle" except for the "Stop Queue" option .
10-Sep-2002 23:17
  • Added "Auto Start on Startup" option to Settings->Queue
  • Queue: Changed the way the directory items are added to the Queue
    - Less items in the queue => faster processing and smaller .que files.
    - Items uploaded by another user after the queue is started will more likely be downloaded now.
12-Sep-2002 00:44
  • Added a "Pause" feature for the Global Queue.
    On "Pause" the queue waits for the current transfers to be finished and does not start any new threads/transfers.
  • Added "Max Queue Log Lines" Tools > Settings > General > "Queue Log"
  • Fixed several minor "Queue" issues
12-Sep-2002 05:01
  • Fixed a small Global Queue "Pause" bug.
12-Sep-2002 17:21
  • Added "CDUP" support for the Command Line & Custom Commands.
  • Fixed a bug when "Split Folder Contents to seperate folder Items" was disabled, the queue would auto delete itself, only when the pause option was set.
13-Sep-2002 06:41
  • Speed improvements during start up.
17-Sep-2002 00:54
  • Added a workaround for the XBox-EvolutionX FTPD, it has a file time/date issue.
17-Sep-2002 16:44
  • Added a setting to Disable/Enable the "FEAT" command, this new feature can be found in your connection settings.
Build 970.0 - 8-Oct-2002
  • Full Unicode support/build
    - MBCS/DBCS support
    - UTF8 support
    |- Win2k Unicode Show Case
    |- Win98 Unicode Show Case
    |- WinXP Unicode Show Case
    |- Tested with RaidenFTPd Beta (OPTS UTF8 ON)
    |- If FEAT is enabled and UTF8 is supported it will then be automatically enabled.
    |- Support for WS_FTP Server's non working UTF8 (SITE UTF8)
    |- Important: Not all unicode fonts are installed by default. Go to Start Menu: Settings > Control Panel -> "Regional Settings" and install them.
    |- Added a 'Listing Encoding' option: "Default Codepage" - with settings of Auto, ANSI, UTF8.
  • Bug Fixes / Minor Changes
    - Favorites: SSL icons in Menu: Favorites
    - Favorites: Item name limited to 31 chars
    - Win9x: Fixed "Selection Groups" save problem.
    - Upload file sorting
    - Resume button status in "File Exist" dialog after "All" checkbox has been toggled
    - Added validity check for "Paths" in Settings->General tab.
    - Possible crash on PASV connection failure (SSL only)
    - Custom Command: RETR %fd is now supported.
    - "Commands" menu items stay enabled after a disconnect.
    - Win9x: Fixed font problem with "bold" menu items.
09-Oct-2002 00:54
  • Added a Limit Local Port Range feature.
  • Fixed a menu font color visibility problem under XP.
  • Fixed a problem where the "Edit Favorites" window would flash.
  • The Custom Commands dialog window is now resizable.
10-Oct-2002 02:41
  • Fixed a encoding problem for the "Export -> Text File" feature.
  • Updated the SmartFTP Shell Extension -> "SmartHook.dll".
10-Oct-2002 07:28
  • Fixed a direct-upload problem where it would output an error of: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect".
11-Oct-2002 20:51
  • Fixed a url buffer overflow in the URL hex encoder.
  • Fixed the "rasapi32.dll" problem under windows NT 4.0.
12-Oct-2002 06:35
  • Fixed a drag and drop problem using Windows Explorer for uploading.
13-Oct-2002 00:24
  • Fixed a shell notify bug when you created a new folder on the desktop.
14-Oct-2002 18:15
  • Fixed the command line switch again, was broken due to Unicode support.
14-Oct-2002 19:26
  • Fixed a CLNT command problem for the Global Queue.
15-Oct-2002 06:51
  • Fixed some Ident problems as it was not functioning anymore.
  • Fixed a problem with the "On Queue Complete" for shutdown as it did not save the "Queue".
16-Oct-2002 00:40
  • Fixed a problem where exiting from the top right hand [X] would not auto save the Queue always.
16-Oct-2002 03:32
  • Fixed all known NT4 bugs.
17-Oct-2002 02:14
  • Fixed a "Copy Url" Ctrl+U problem.
  • Added "Elapsed - Left" for the Global Queue & Connections window.
  • Added support for SSL client certificates
  • Shift+Minimize adds SmartFTP to the systray
  • Fixed font issues with Japanese/Chinese/Tawain etc
24-Oct-2002 01:13
  • Fixed a 'New Folder' problem on a network share.
24-Oct-2002 22:47
  • Fixed a Insert bug exception for the Quick Folder settings.
25-Oct-2002 02:34
  • Fixed a Global Queue problem, as when the connection to the server was lost, only one thread would resume when the server was back online.
29-Oct-2002 02:34
  • Added Ctrl+T for "Direct Download -> Default Folder" and Ctrl+Z for "Download->Global Queue->Default Folder"
  • Fixed "lost" focus problem when using Alt+Tab
  • Finally removed disabled "FTP Search"
30-Oct-2002 05:07
  • "URL Watcher" prompt (Settings->Prompts)
  • Fixed "ASCII List" case sensitivy problem
01-Nov-2002 00:14
  • Fixed several "Localbrowser" key accelerator issues (Enter, Tab, Backspace)
03-Nov-2002 02:57
  • Fixed a problem where files were not visible on Local Browser panes, for NT4.
  • Added a "Restore Defaults" option for the "Custom Commands".