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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:41 pm
by mb
The forum has been closed for new registrations.

To contact us:
For technical support: KB: How to request technical support.

For sales related questions contact Sales.

A few rules you should follow for best results:
  1. Search the forum before you post a new feature request. If you have found the same request you're welcome to add your comments. Requests with more postings may have a higher priority.
  2. When requesting a feature or change provide as much information as you can. e.g. technical specifications, design ideas, example, how it has been implemented in other applications, possible problems, etc. The chances a feature request will be considered are noticeably higher.
  3. Enhancement requests where a significant user group see a value will more likely implemented than a feature which solves your specific problem.
Thank you.