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Graphical bug when using tabbed interface

Posted by Paul Woodford on 20 September 2010 - 04:57 AM

Hi, I've just upgraded to 4.0.1138.0. However when I opened SmartFTP for the first time after the upgrade, my screen looked like this:
Posted Image

With the bottom of both windows cut off.

This only happens when I have the Tabbed Interface ticked, and has only occurred since upgrading to 4.0.1138.0.

Updating status to: Bug caused by 3rd party

This should fix the issue:

Paul Woodford
Sep 20 2010 05:37 AM
Hi, thanks, that fixed it.

Any idea how I can tell what 3rd-party application caused this, or whether it will re-occur when I next update SmartFTP?

Regards, Paul

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