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app freezes in windows 7

Posted by bumperbox on 17 August 2009 - 10:40 PM

have just upgraded to latest version when i received your newsletter this morning,
and now the app has frozen twice in the last 30min, and it have never done this before

i was transferring a couple of files using sftp
can't pinpoint anything in particular that caused the error

win7 rc 32bit

if u need any other diagnostics let me know

Please test it again with the RTM version of Windows 7.


Updating System Information to: na

Please test it again with the latest version of SmartFTP:

I have found and fixed a dead lock you might be seeing.


Updating status to: Awaiting Feedback

i applied the update as suggested and it seems ok at first
but the problem has started happening again

it seems a little intermittent, but i am thinking it happens when i am dragging folders from the local to remote side
that it happens. it seems to be sitting there a long time just trying to refresh the remote file list
and if i click anywhere it comes up application not responding

I will try it out on the windows 7 RTM when it is available in the shops in october
it might be a RC version related issue, but the thing is i didn't have a problem like this before
i got the latest update, and i haven't changed anything else on the pc


Can you post a screenshot?

it was just the standard windows dialog that pops up
in the title bar is says something like "(Application not responding)"

I have done a full uninstall of smartftp, rebooted and installed again
and it hasn't done it again, if it does happen again, i will do a screenshot for you

Updating status to: Cannot Reproduce

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