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SSH Terminal bugs with nano

Posted by Howard on 12 April 2010 - 11:01 PM

Environment: Win7 x64
Connection Info: SSH Linux CentOS5 Public/Private Key Pair

When using nano to open files within terminal there are some strange bugs in terminal, one is that the cursor doesn't always keep up with the actual position serverside, resulting in unpredictable placement within the file (try moving left or right really fast along a decently sized line),

The other bug results in a crash - while in nano, find a very long nonwrapping line, go to the end of the line by going to the line below it and pressing left. Continue pressing left, you should see the line shift to the next segment once you reach the left side of the screen - when it attempts to load the segment after that a crash is the result. Example below

imagine the following line as a super line line with the | seperating different screen full segments.
if you were to go to the end of that line, (segment 3) and go left until you load segment 2, segment 2 should load fine, 1 will not however if you continue going moving the cursor.

Hope this helps enough to hunt down the bugs for these - Thanks for the great work, keep it up!

Best Regards,

We tried to reproduce it on different systems but we couldn't find a see the unexpected behavior. Are you able to reproduce it with any ssh server (remote, local) and regardless of the nano version?

Updating status to: Awaiting Feedback

It's happened on three servers so far (of which I only have access to 3) - Are you unable to reproduce both of them? I'll work on getting a screen cap up so I can illustrate what it's doing.

Yep we cannot reproduce it. Basically what I did:
1. open nano
2. type a very long line (400+ chars)
3. press enter
4. Then press the back/forward arrow keys like 50-100 times

Found out how the crash is triggered - resize the window while in nano already and then try to go from the end of a line to the beginning of a line, it'll result in a crash. I didn't see this before as I'm always resizing things..

Here's a lagged cursor movement - It doesn't show typing but it does illustrate the rubberbanding of the cursor and it's placement on screen vs on the server

Lagged Cursor Movement [AVI]

Edited by Howard, 13 April 2010 - 12:05 PM.

Can you provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce the crash because we cannot. Thanks.

Uploading a video to post - basically what you do is open a file in nano, move your cursor around some, resize it, and try to pass down a long line, upon reaching the first segment of the line you will crash.

Here's the video as promised, were you able to reproduce the rubberbanding cursor?

SmartFTP - Nano Resize Crash [AVI]

We cannot reproduce the "rubberbanding" problem either. If you mean the slight delay that the cursor jumps into one direction multiple steps at a time, this is caused by the delay. But on your video I can see that the cursor jumps back and forward which I assume is what you meant with the "rubberbanding". This is what we cannot reproduce here ;-(

yeah the rubberbanding wouldn't be as much of an issue - but if I type , the text shows up where the client sees the cursor, but the server puts the text where the cursor actually is (resulting in some messy/broken files).

It might be something in the network stack but I cannot reproduce this issue in putty, that doesn't necessarily mean anything though as it may use a different method to generate a connection. Currently loaded I have netlimiter (used for limiting & monitoring network traffic) and no firewall, no antivirus, and I have my connection through a Linksys WRT54G router (wired, not wifi).

We are doing the same as in the crash video but no crash here. Can you provide a crash dump?

I apologize for the troubles you are having :-(

I'll work on that now - as for the problems, no worries - each configuration is different and software can be unpredictable across every configuration. I appreciate the support however! For nano would you like a video demonstrating the rubberbanding + text entry and the actual result serverside?

Best regards,

Updating status to: Confirmed
Issue fixed in: 4.0.1097.0

This bug will be corrected in the next build.

Please try the new beta version:


Thank you

Updating status to: Fixed

Install the latest version: http://www.smartftp.com/download

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