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Preview Pane Problem

Posted by Wizazz on 09 August 2009 - 10:03 PM

I downloaded the new Update version SMTP 3.0.1035.0 and now I'm having Problems Veiwing Pictures in the Preview Pane..... when i look at ...lets say a index.html.. or anything with pictures on the page.. as normal you get a bar at the top of preview window saying that you cant open or veiw the the pictures.. it tells you to Click on bar to veiw the pictures..

"Some pictures have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer.Open this item to veiw the pictures. "

When you drag mouse over bar it highlights blue.. as normal...

But when you Double click on the bar to activate or veiw pictures ... It does nothing

The Bar just stays at top of pane and does not activate the pictures to veiw.

Can you please check into this i really need to use this Fuction to preveiw my webpages while i upload.


Are you referring to the preview pane in the local browser?

Updating status to: Confirmed

Confirmed. Not sure if there is a way we can tell the MSHTML control to show the pictures.

Updating severity to: 1 - Low

Updating status to: Working as Intended

The behavior is the same in Windows Explorer and there seems to be no way we can tell the HTML preview to show the images.

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