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SmartFTP don't read the extensions

Posted by Edtech on 09 August 2009 - 11:25 AM

When I drag & drop one or more files in SmartFTP since the Windows explore, it don't read correctly the extensions and drop it. Example with ASS files in SFTP (Windows 7 x64 build 7600), the files already exist in this directory and the option "hide extensions for known files" is enabled in the Windows explorer :

[13:13:19] Récupère les attributs de "/home/manga-france/Sources/K-On!/ASS/K-On! 01".
[13:13:19] 2 No such file
[13:13:19] Récupère les attributs de "/home/manga-france/Sources/K-On!/ASS/K-On! 02".
[13:13:19] 2 No such file
[13:13:19] Récupère les attributs de "/home/manga-france/Sources/K-On!/ASS/K-On! ED".
[13:13:19] 2 No such file
[13:13:19] Récupère les attributs de "/home/manga-france/Sources/K-On!/ASS/K-On! OP".
[13:13:19] 2 No such file
If the extension isn't known by the explorer, SmartFTP read correctly the extension and the detection taht the file already exist is correct.

Test it with a fresh installation (no other software installed but SmartFTP) with the official Windows 7 setup.

Hi there. I have the same issue. I used SmartFTP 3 and Windows 7 with no problem. I upgraded to SmartFTP 4 and the problem appeared.

Same as the French guy: when u drag and drop the file from windows explorer the file are copied without the file extension. But if in and Explorer windows u go to tools->view and remove the check from the "Hide Extension for Known File Type" then smartFTP work just file, wich still is annoying to have the extension showed in all the software and slowing down the work...

The problem i spresent in Windows 7 Italian and Windows 7 English, both 32 and 64 version.

Any solution yet?

Drako77: No, no solution yet since nobody was interested to debug it so far. Are you interested to run some tests?

Updating status to: Fixed
Issue fixed in: 4.0.1052.0

Install the latest version: http://www.smartftp.com/download

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