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Favorites do not delete

Posted by christhesoundguy on 14 February 2012 - 01:21 AM

First off I am running the latest build (4.0.1234, downloaded an hour ago) and tried un-installing and re-installing before reporting this issue. I've also tried clearing the registry and changing the skin/theme which did not help either.

So the issue I am experiencing is that the "Edit Favorites" and "Manage Favorites" will not delete listings no matter what I try. When I try deleting the default SmartFTP favorites in the general favorites folder the program will crash. Also when trying to delete listings under "Quick Connect" nothing at all happens.

I am runnings Windows XP and am fully up to date on all Microsoft Updates, 2GHz AMD Dual Core, 2GB RAM. This same issue also occurs on my home laptop which is also Windows XP, 1.8GHz Pentum M, 2GB RAM.

We are not able to reproduce this. Most likely another application is deleting the registry keys that are necessary for SmartFTP or blocking its shell extension.

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