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Cannot move favs with same name to other folder

Posted by eyebex on 31 March 2011 - 11:33 AM

It is possible to create favs with the same name (e.g. an SFTP and a terminal session to the same server) in the same folder because they have different GUIDs. However, if you move favs with the same name via drag & drop to a different folder, only the first will be moved, and for the other(s) you'll be prompted whether to overwrite the existing fav. I guess moving should just work in any case, only copying should prompt the user if the fav GUIDs match, but not if just their names match.

One addition: Creating favs with the same name in the same folder is only possible if renaming favs to the same name via their properties. It does not work via F2. IMHO, it should also work via F2.

Updating severity to: 1 - Low
Updating status to: Confirmed
Updating version to: 4.0.1176
Issue fixed in: None

While each favorite has its own unique id, the shell extension (in particular the file operation implementation) cannot handle favorites with non-unique names in the same folder very well (or not correctly). Hence unique names are now required. So what needs to be fixed:
- There should be a prompt if there is a name conflict after the name has been changed in the favorite properties page.

Favorites with the same name are no longer supported.

changed status to: Resolved

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