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"Go" Button

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#1 TravisCarden

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Posted 09 June 2003 - 04:36 AM

I propose a very simple addition to the SmartFTP user interface: an IE-like "Go" button on the Address bar--just on the right side, as in Internet Explorer. When I open SmartFTP the URI of my server and my login credentials are all cached and ready. Rather than clicking in the Login field, as I do now, and pressing ENTER, I could connect with a simple click of the "Go" button. Fewer steps = better deal = happier users. :wink:

#2 Boogalord

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Posted 19 June 2003 - 12:23 PM

Y'know it's weird - I only just noticed Mozilla doesn't have a 'Go' button -- I've never needed or looked for one before, and I've never used the IE one.

However, I definitely find myself looking for something similar in SmartFTP -- seems to be just a side-effect of the (good) feature of caching the last URI, rather than having a homepage.

So maybe a 'homepage' or homesite is a good idea for SmartFTP. That is, have an option to either have a 'blank' homesite [ie do what it does now], a single homesite that's connected to automatically when SmartFTP starts, or remember the last connected site (like it does now), but also connect to it automatically when SmartFTP is opened -- pretty much just how homepages are managed in http clients.

This might remove the need for a 'go' button (although I still think it's a good idea, and would definitely use it if the homesitey thing wasn't implemented <rant>IMHO, IE's 'go' button is just a side effect of these must-interact-using-the-mouse people who immediately get lost if they can't right-click some text to get a clipboard menu and don't realise they can just press enter to open the URI they just typed in - maybe that annoying paperclip thing should be ported into IE to inform people of the angst they're causing us developers when they insist on taking the most obtuse route possible in a GOMS analysis</rant>)

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