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Posted 01 June 2003 - 09:37 PM

Hi there!

I got a rather expendable "idea".

At the moment there are three different methods of downloading files.

1. Direkt
2. Session Queue
3. Global Queue

The 1st point is (only) useful, when downloading some small files or just one (small) file.

Why not get rid of the Global- and Session Queue and instead implement a Download Manager.

When you want to download a group of big files (maybe from several servers) and your inet connection is terminated by your isp then something like that would be useful:

First step:
Create a new Download Job.
You must define a name for it, e.g. "Test"
You must define the destination directory (for all files downloaded)
When this is done, a new Item in the "Download Job List" is added.

Second step:
Open a connection to the server where you want to download the files from.
When the connection is established, you open the "Download Job List" window and double click on the "Test" Item.
Now a new window opens.
Now you drag and drop the files from the ftp server into that window.

The files will now be downloaded into the destination directory of "Test".

I think this design will be very useful (comfortable) and expandable to implement nice features, like multi server download, multi part download, progress bar, reconnect when server kicked you or your isp did.

To make the thing working, a kind of Connection Manager has to be implemented as well.
It will manage all connections made.
If for example two Download Jobs try to get a connection to the same server, the client could get banned. (cause of hammering)
The Connection Manager will avoid this.

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