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"Overwrite Only Modified Files", Settings->Tran

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Posted 10 May 2003 - 06:41 PM

The new feature, synchronisation, will be great, but I also want a minor change arround uploading/downloading.

Now, "On File Exist" (Settings->Transfer->Files) I have some options: Ask, Skip, Resume, Overwrite, Delete and Overwrite.
I want, however, a new option; Overwrite Only Modified Files.
# in another words, please add "Overwrite Only Modified Files" option in Settings->Transfer->Files

When selected this option, on file exist SmartFTP will work in following ways:
when uploading:
if the local file is newer than the serverside file, "Overwrite",
else "Skip".
SmartFTP will work as same way when downloading or FXPing.
Moreover, if seledted "Ask", "On File Exist" SmartFTP will popup a dialog as ever,
but there are new button, "Overwrite Only Modified Files".
# The word "Overwrite Only Modified Files" can be "Update" or "Modify" or "Overwrite New Files" or so.

This change will spare some troubles.
For example,
when uploading many changelog files (half of them are modified, others are not),
overwriting all changelogs is not efficient.
If SmartFTP has the new option,
SmartFTP will overwrite only some modified changelogs, and the time it takes will be half.

I think this change would be not a major change, but an effective change.

Some requests about "uploading only new files" esist in this forum,
(for example, viewtopic.php?t=5440 and viewtopic.php?t=5381)
but there is no request that refers to "Settings->Transfer->Files->OnFileExist" as far as I know,
so I post this topic...

Thank you for reading this topic.

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