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Manually add a new item to Global Queue

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Posted 26 April 2003 - 09:13 AM


There are many public FTP servers what have a limited number of users allowed to log in and all kinds of restrictions. At the moment, if I want to download something from such FTP server, then I have to, first, connect to the server, then get the directory listing and then drag and drop or rightclick -> global queue. But, the logging in process takes alot of time because of the restrictions.

Well, but these FTP servers, most of them have web based directory/file listings with the complete URL's to the file. Also, some download sites (let's take some Linux OS download servers for example) have links to ftp files.

Now, wouldn't it be really nice and pratical, if you could just press a button - Add A Queue item. And then enter the url to the file, you may just even use the FTP url where you enter the username and pass or you can enter the username and password to a separate box. And then you press Add and the item will be added and then downloaded.

This new feature would:
1) Save time connecting to ftp servers what have some restrictions (eg. user limit)
2) Make it faster to download things from ftp servers without finding your file manually from the folder, but just entering the url and then it will start to download.

Well, if this feature is already in SmartFTP (I am using the latest Dev build) then please tell me how to find it, because if it is so then I must be blind.

Well, anyway, I think personally that SmartFTP is the best ftp ever made. I just hope it wouldn't crash so much. It would also be nice if the Queue would be saved every N minutes, because of the crashes (during the crash, the queue will not be saved). I don't know any other FTP what is as good as SmartFTP.

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