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Global queue changes

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Posted 20 March 2003 - 12:02 AM

Howdy folks, I haven't had too many problems with smartftp, it's proven to be a pretty nifty little program for me up until (and including :lol: ) now. Since dropping back to a 56k from cable however, more and more I'm hungering for a slight tweak to the queues.

Namely, the change comprises of the breakdown of site:file (as it currently appears under the global tab) into two seperate tabs, one for site, and one for (the highlighted) site's files.

This would make organisation of multiple sites in the queue far more simple, from simply an aesthetic viewpoint, but there would also be two significant steps forward (in my humble opinion :D ). Namely, connection "retry" would be retrying "per site" rather than stepping through the 10 files in the queue iin order to try the next site. (though I have a feeling this sort of already happens) The second and more significant boost would be the addition of another thread button on the files sections. (ie, you could have multiple threads over multiple sites, but only one thread per site, or conversely, you could have 10 threads on one site and only 1 thread on another.)

These ideas,from my view,would help capitalise on my shonky 56k connection yes, but looking back, I'm sure they would have greatly improved the queue's "ease of use" before the slowdown.

Anthow, that's enough from me, thanks and keep up the great work!

(Btw, i you want, send me the code and I'll implement the changes - chuckle! ;) )

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