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Problems that arise when there isn't an upload queue window

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#1 JohnnyDark

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Posted 08 March 2003 - 10:45 PM

I try to select all the files I need to upload to an FTP before I actually drag them over but sometimes I'll miss one and I won't find this out until I'm in the middle of a huge upload (it always happens in the middle of a huge upload for some reason).

In any case, I've found that I simply can't drag other files over once an upload is in progress nor is there a way to keep an upload queue for such situations. What I end up doing is aborting the current upload and making sure I select the right files this time and then push them over again--an inconvenience that should be fixed if it doesn't call for a complete overhaul of a significant portion of the code.

On a similar note, once an upload has started, there is no easy way to tell what files are part of the upload or how far along the entire upload is. I can't stare at smartFTP and babysit an upload--I have other things to do at the computer and often times when I come back to smartFTP I've forgotten exactly what files I'm pushing or I may just want to show someone here what's in the upload--but I can't.

I guess that last part belongs in the wish list section of the forums but I'm sure a lot of other people who claim to be FTP 'powerusers' have voiced similar concerns, before.

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