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More powerful and versatile queuing please :)

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#1 anathema

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 12:42 AM

Another poster mentioned this, i want to concur and elaborate..

I still cant figure out how to add uploads to the global queue, just making it as simple as adding downloads would help a lot.

Also, i dont know if you can do this, but if you could make it an option to NEVER transfer files upon a drag. Like Bullet proof.

This way you can browse around, dragging files from local viewer to remote viewer, etc, etc. Then, only when you are ready to transfer everything, you hit play.

Beeing able to drag files right into the global queue (upload or download) and have them put in the directory you are currently in (locally or remote depening on upload or download) would also be great when there is only one remote and only one local viewer open. This is a good and more powerful/versatile alternative to the 'default directory'. Because it saves you the time of needing to change each files or selection of files directories that you want them in.

basically, i hate to say this but, nearly copy the way bullet proof ftp does it, except with all the neet connection list and threads, and you would have a (even more) world class ftp client here.

#2 anathema

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 12:47 AM

In fact, why dont you get rid of the session queue all together?

Why not just make global queue the defaut for every remote session, then you could close the global cue and forget about it. Leaving lots of room!

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