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Problems downloading while surfing web in Internet Explorer

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Posted 23 February 2003 - 02:05 AM

I have experienced the problem on the past few builds and across two different machines, with no luck in correcting it. If this is raising an issue that has been brought up before, I apologize, but I've had little luck in finding anything pertaining to it.

The problem arises when I am trying to view webpages with internet explorer while trying to download any given file from any number of different servers in smartftp. As soon as I load a page in internet explorer, my download in smartftp is cancelled and I get the following error: "426 Data connection closed, file transfer [FILE NAME] aborted." If anyone knows a way to overcome this problem, I'd be greatly appreciative.

NOTE: I've included the system info taken from smartftp's help panel. Also, I connect to the internet through a cable modem, and am running on an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard with an Athlon 2100. I experience the same problems running the same windows xp build on an Asus K7M Athlon 500 MHz as well. In addition to this, this problem occurs with my current internet explorer version, 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp1.020828-1920, though I do not know for certain whether or not I have had this problems with previous versions.

+- System -----------------------------

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)

CPU Speed : 1737 MHz
Total Memory : 523760 KB
Free Memory : 256740 KB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------

Version : 1.0.973.1

+- Application DLL --------------------

Controls.dll : 1.6.973.1
FTPAPI.dll : 2.0.973.1
Language.dll : 1.0.973.1
ResEng.dll : 1.3.973.1

+- System DLL -------------------------

shell32.dll : 6.00.2800.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)
shlwapi.dll : 6.00.2800.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)
comctl32.dll : 6.0 (xpsp1.020828-1920)
riched20.dll :
schannel.dll : 5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)

+- Internet Explorer ------------------

Version : 6.0.2800.1106

+- Winsock ----------------------------

Winsock : 2.2

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