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problems with update v.1.0.973

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Posted 11 February 2003 - 09:29 PM

hi there!!

i finally decided to update my smartftp version....things were great w/ the old one.

i am experiencing problems w/ the new version, my os is 98 win, my usual method of operation w/ the old version was to connect to a server, then set up a session queue, and begin the transfer. if the connection had been lost i simply would re-connect and pull up my session queue (or re-queue) and continue from where i left off!!

so yesterday i update and last night i try to finish a couple of separate downloads i had going, this is where the problems begin, i re-queue and start the transfer......nothing happened-the file opened but then the little windows picture banner just kept waving...time goes by still the file doesn't completely open...so i hit ctrl-alt-del to see what is going on...it responds w/ smartftp not responding....it continued to do this on three separate servers...so i decide to delete the smallest file i had and start over...bam we are up and running, this is where the next problem comes up...it finishes one file (music track in this case) and stops, closes connection, queue re-logs on and moves on to the next queue'd folder and starts there..

if anyone can help or give advice please respond!! thank you!!

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