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SmartFTP 1.0.974 Change Log

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Posted 11 November 2002 - 08:12 PM

Build Number: 974
Development Status: Final
Final Code ETA: May 1, 2003

03-Feb-2003 20:40
  • A "Time Stamp" has been added to the "System Info".
  • Fixed a exception for the "Longhorn" operating system.
    05-Feb-2003 21:15
  • Fixed a font problem, with displaying ASCII art, via the "Log View" pane.
  • Fixed a "date" issue, where new file(s) being uploaded displayed one year back.
    06-Feb-2003 15:58
  • Some very minor changes have been made to the "Client Certificate" creation.
    08-Feb-2003 06:00
  • Fixed a system tray double click issue.
  • "Direct Uploads" are sorted now.
    14-Feb-2003 01:50
  • Fixed a problem where the "Views" toolbar button, in the "Edit Favorites" dialog, was not functioning.
  • Fixed a exception that would occur, when thousands of files would be listed at one given time
    11-Feb-2003 19:14
  • Fixed a small sorting issue, with "Direct Downloads".
    13-Feb-2003 19:08
  • Workaround for MS Outlook (Express) clipboard issue.
    13-Feb-2003 21:11
  • Fixed crash in "Session Queue" : Move Up/Down/Top/Bottom
    13-Feb-2003 21:11
  • Fixed "New Folder" problem on NT4.
  • Cache files are no longer saved, if there's no free space.
    15-Feb-2003 20:31
  • The "Quick Folders" has partly been rewritten.
    17-Feb-2003 16:12
  • Fixed some upload problems introduced in an earlier developer build
    19-Feb-2003 00:12
  • "History" partly rewritten
    21-Feb-2003 02:30
  • Fixed "Session Queue" abort problem.
  • Fixed "Session Queue" upload issues.
  • Fixed a error with corrupt .dat files.
  • Folders are not "locked" anymore after a transfer.
    01-Mar-2003 02:15
  • Fixed "Remove Redundant Links" 100% CPU usage problem.
  • Fixed problem where the "URL Watcher" did not get the focus.
    02-Mar-2003 02:39
  • Fixed dead-locks on Win9x with uploading and other actions.
    04-Mar-2003 14:42
  • Added PORT mode TLS/SSL support.
    25-April-2003 19:45
  • Fixed problems with server timeouts on uploads.
  • New favorites enabled in release build.
    - Items are alphabetically sorted
    - Find Item
    - Import
    - CuteFTP 2.6-5.x Import (with password)
    - CuteFTP Pro 1.x-3.x Import (with password)
    - WS_FTP Pro 5.0-7.x Import (with password)
    - Leap FTP Import
    - FTP Voyager 9.x Import
    - FlashFXP Import (with password)
    - Export (Text, HTML, SmartFTP)
  • Support for secure FXP transfers (SSCN) with RaidenFTPd 2.4 build 320+
  • Fixed "Paste" bug in "Queue Source" tab.
  • Possible workaround for XBOX uploads. Set IO Buffer to 1k or 2k.
  • Fixes for HTTP Connect Proxy.
  • Fixed timestamps in queue log.
  • Added better detection of invalid UTF8 strings.
  • Added support for MD11 system.
  • SSL: Create self-signed cert: Private keys can now be exported.
  • SSL: Create self-signed cert: Key length can be set (up to 16384 bits).
  • SSL: Fixed missing PBSZ for "Implicit SSL" connections.
  • List entries with an unknown date, are now displayed (as far as possible).
  • Refactoring: Custom Commands.
  • Fixed "Execute" problem with "rundll32.exe" associations.
  • Parts of the FXP and Download code in the Remote View have been rewritten. (+ Fix for "Priority" list)
  • Favorites "Set Password" function now uses MS CryptoAPI with a 128bit RC4 stream cipher.
  • Fixed "PathEditBox" folder resolve problem. eg. the "Desktop" folder was not resolved to the correct path.
  • New: Bookmarks for Favorites.
  • New: Import Tool for Favorites.
  • New: Export Tool for Favorites.
  • Queue Source: Added Ctrl key support for drag & drop.
  • Queue: Full URL can now be changed.
  • Switched to MS Visual Studio 2003
  • Added "mouse double click" action to listview in "Edit Favorites".
  • Fixed proxy user/pass/host settings via favorites.
  • Added "FTP Voyager 10 Import".
  • Fixed a "Log Settings" bug, where empty folders were being created.
  • Fixed a bug where the global "On File Exist" settings when set, would not be saved.
    |- This will now be known as the final (974) development build.

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