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SmartFTP Client 2.0 Change Log

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Posted 20 November 2005 - 04:59 AM

Version: 2.0 Build 1002
Development Status: EOL

2.0.1002.1 - 22. January 2007
[*]Added dynamic timeout for server side hash calculation (XMD5, etc).

2.0.1002.0 - 21. January 2007
[*]Transfer Queue: Fixed FXP of directories.

2.0.1001.25 - 20. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Transfer Queue: Added import of URL lists (Text file with 1 URL per line). Use the Add button in the "Transfer Queue" pane.

2.0.1001.23 - 19. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Enabled move operation for Drag&Drop to Local Browser / Windows Explorer / Desktop.

2.0.1001.21 - 19. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Transfer Queue: Added import of legacy transfer queue files (.que, .dat) and metalink files (.metalink).

2.0.1001.19 - 18. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Full support for Copy/Paste/Cut in the Remote Browser and Transfer Queue.

2.0.1001.18 - 18. January 2007 - BETA
[*]The local file time is set for aborted/failed downloads

2.0.1001.15 - 15. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Transfer Queue: Fixed a bug when monitoring more than 1 file in a folder
[*]Cut/Paste from Local Browser to Remote Browser with default Drag&Drop operation set to Queue will result in a move operation
[*]Fixed various bugs introduced in previous beta versions

2.0.1001.14 - 15. January 2007 - BETA
[*]Fixed a bug with the Filters
[*]Major internal refactoring

2.0.1001.9 - 11. January 2007
[*]Fixed a crash introduced in 2.0.1001.5

2.0.1001.8 - 9. January 2007
[*]Internal changes

2.0.1001.5 - 6. January 2007
[*]Fixed: Some problems with the latest GUI update
[*]Internal unspecified changes
[*]Added support for AS/400 with LISTFMT set to 1 (unix)

2.0.1001.4 - 4. January 2007
[*]Transfer Queue: Added recurrence for start/stop timers

2.0.1001.1 - 2. January 2007
[*]Updated GUI library. New MDI tab navigation (Ctrl+Tab)

2.0.1001.0 - 30. December 2006
[*]Moved history entries from History.dat to registry

2.0.1000.11 - 26. December 2006
[*]Transfer Queue: Using faster event handlers with less overhead for queue items. This may partly fix the memory leaks from OLE.

2.0.1000.9 - 26. December 2006
[*]Added case sensitive options to the Settings -> Transfer -> Filters
[*]All filters (Selection Groups, Ascii Files, Compression and Transfer Filters) are case insensitive now

2.0.1000.8 - 25. December 2006
[*]Settings -> Transfer -> Filters now support two modes (Include or Exclude mode)

2.0.1000.6 - 21. December 2006
[*]Fixed: Layout of panes didn't save correctly on close
[*]Added partial support for drag&drop move operation (Transfer Queue only)

2.0.1000.5 - 15. December 2006
[*]Compilation with new VS 2005 SP1.

2.0.1000.4 - 12. December 2006
[*]Some small changes to UPnP.

2.0.1000.3 - 6. December 2006
[*]Local Browser: Using new Shell Tree Control under Windows Vista.

2.0.1000.2 - 23. November 2006
[*]Fixed: Local Browser crash on Windows Vista.

2.0.1000.1 - 15. November 2006
[*]Fixed Enter key in Remote Browser.

2.0.1000.0 - 11. November 2006
[*]Fixed bug where SmartFTP would stop working correctly after the 10. November.

2.0.999.25 - 3. November 2006
[*]Added Menu: Window -> Reset Docking Pane Layout function to restore "lost" panes when using a multiple monitor configuration
[*]Favorites: Added import of "FTP Voyager CSV" exported site files.

2.0.999.23 - 2. November 2006
[*]Fix: Import of URL List (.txt)

2.0.999.20 - 30. October 2006
[*]Added support to import FTP Voyager 13.x site files.

2.0.999.19 - 25. October 2006
[*]Remote Browser: Added asynchronous cleanup/close of Remote Browser.

2.0.999.17 - 21. October 2006
[*]Remote Browser: Added tooltip in the edit box for invalid characters.

2.0.999.15 - 20. October 2006
[*]Added 256x256 icon for Windows Vista.

2.0.999.12 - 16. October 2006
[*]Fixed dead lock when an URL is copied to the clipboard before SmartFTP is started and then added to the queue.

2.0.999.11 - 15. October 2006
[*]Local Browser: Fixed right-click on ZIP files.

2.0.999.10 - 14. October 2006
[*]Remote Browser: Directory wasn't automatically refreshed after upload.

2.0.999.9 - 14. October 2006
[*]Transfer Queue: Retry information shows time now.

2.0.999.7 - 13. October 2006
[*]Local Browser: Zip files are now displayed in the tree (same behavior as Windows Explorer). If you want to system wide disable .zip file support in Windows Explorer run the following command:
regsvr32 /s /u %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll
[*]Local Browser: For better performance icons are obtained asynchronously in the tree control

2.0.999.6 - 12. October 2006
[*]Fix for occasional crash on exit if Ident server was enabled.

2.0.999.5 - 11. October 2006
[*]Workaround for race condition in the MFC code.

2.0.999.4 - 9. October 2006
[*]Added "Exclusion Filters" to the Favorite Item Settings.

2.0.999.3 - 9. October 2006
[*]Added "Enable Filter" to Settings -> Transfer -> Filters.

2.0.999.2 - 9. October 2006
[*]Transfer Queue: Fixed retry delay.

2.0.999.1 - 6. October 2006
[*]Transfer Queue: Better retry delay handling.
[*]Custom Commands: Fixed memory caused by multiline custom commands
[*]Custom Commands: Fixed %lf

2.0.998.36 - 28. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Transfer Queue: New strategy for "Move" and "Delete Recursive" operations.
[*]Transfer Queue: Fixed Recurrence.
[*]Local Browser: Fixed crash if a URL is entered into the path combo box

2.0.998.35 - 25. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]New: Transfer Queue: Added "Delete Recursive" operation.
[*]New: Local Browser: Added Open (Enter) and View menu functions.
[*]IMPORTANT: Schedule Recurrence is broken!

2.0.998.34 - 24. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]New: Transfer Queue: Multi Item Edit Dialog.
[*]New: Transfer Queue: Changed Single Item Edit Dialog to change Source/Destination type.

2.0.998.31 - 21. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Added key shortcuts:
F4: Opens history list (was F6 previously)
Ctrl+G: Go
Shift+Ctr+L: Opens new Local Browser and goes to the local directory if defined in the favorite item
Ctrl+L: Opens new Local Browser
Alt+Left Arrow: Go back
Alt+Right Arrow or Backspace: Go forward
Enter: Open selected file (was F4 previously)

2.0.998.30 - 20. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue was showing negative values for Total Size.
[*]Added: "Move" operation for Transfer Queue.

2.0.998.24 - 16. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue Auto Stop/Auto Start (Timer).
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue Auto Dialer once enabled was always enabled.

2.0.998.19 - 14. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Number of Workers per Favorite/Site limit.
[*]Fixed: Favorite/Site based retry delay if connection or login to server failed.

2.0.998.18 - 14. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Items weren't sorted when added to the Transfer Queue.

2.0.998.17 - 13. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Progress bar in Remote Browser (broken since .16).

2.0.998.16 - 13. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: "Connections" pane for Transfer Queue connections. Number of uploads/downloads in scrolling text when SmartFTP is minimized.
[*]Fixed: Secured Downloads (SSL/TLS) with Speed Limits.

2.0.998.14 - 11. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Crash if the Settings->Interface "Size" option was set to "Bytes" and files > 1GB were added to the transfer queue.

2.0.998.13 - 11. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Bug in transfer queue where the state of failed items could be set to aborted in certain situations.

2.0.998.12 - 10. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Added hybrid path (VMS/Unix) support for OpenVMS.
[*]Removed [x] Ignore File Version option in the Settings -> Interface -> Language dialog

2.0.998.11 - 10. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Bug if the [ ] Reuse connection option was disabled in the Transfer Queue.
[*]Transfer Queue: Split up "Speed" column into "Average Speed" and "Current Speed" columns.
[*]Fixed: Recent Time span in File Exist settings was always set to 120s if [x] Use Global Settings was enabled in the favorite item

2.0.998.9 - 8. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Problem with move of items in the Transfer Queue list control.

2.0.998.8 - 8. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Overflow in the Queue Item Status message in the List Control if more than 1 GB of data is transferred.
[*]Added file information (time, size) of the source and destination file to the log of a transfer queue item. Useful to debug file exist rules.

2.0.998.7 - 8. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Fixed: Crash handler was broken. No useful information was submitted on crash.

2.0.998.6 - 7. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Added "Local to Local" copy in Transfer Queue. Use the "Temporary Queue" to add items to the queue.
[*]Fix: File Exist "Transfer Condition" was always ignored

2.0.998.4 - 5. September 2006 (BETA)
[*]Rewrote "Transfer Queue" back-end. New features include "Remove finished", "Auto Save" options, XML serialization/import and selection of columns in the list control.
[*]Added: The Upload menu items in the context are now enabled if a single folder is selected in the list control of the Remote Browser.
[*]Changed: "View" command will ignore "File size mismatch" errors.
[*]Updated GUI component. Fixes Office 2007 theme for panes.
[*]Added icons in the Settings and Favorite Properties dialogs.
[*]Regression: "Auto Column Sizing - By View" algorithm
[*]Added new option "Show warning if server cert is not trusted" in "Settings->Connection->SSL" dialog.
[*]Added "Login Type" option for Username/Password less authentication.
[*]Right-click on column header in Remote Browser's list control allows the selection of the displayed columns.

2.0.997.4 - 27. July 2006
[*]Fixed: Issue in the file exist rules where two file times were never considered equal.

2.0.997.2 - 23. July 2006
[*]Fixed: Log control didn't redraw correctly.

2.0.997.1 - 19. July 2006
[*]Redesigned "Edit Custom Commands" view.
[*]Added "New File" feature.

2.0.996.47 - 18. July 2006
[*]Fixed: States images (up,down,fxp) were not displayed in the Transfer Queue if the pane wasn't selected.
[*]Fixed: Clicking on an URL in the log had no effect.

2.0.996.43 - 15. July 2006
[*]Fixed: Small bug with customization of login bar.
[*]Changed some strings in the "Edit Custom Commands" dialog.

2.0.996.42 - 12. July 2006
[*]Fixed: List control in Local Browser didn't restore View Mode (List, Details, Small Icons, Large Icons) correctly.
[*]Fixed: When Remote Browsers are restored the favorite item setting General -> Local -> "On Connect" is ignored.

2.0.996.41 - 12. July 2006
[*]AS/400: Directory listing parser recognizes more items as directories.
[*]AS/400: SmartFTP doesn't automatically send a CWD command with a / after the login anymore.
[*]AS/400 (iSeries): Added new Custom Commands to change the "File Naming Format". You may need to restore the default (Menu: Commands->Edit Custom Commands->Restore Defaults). Also see KB: AS/400 (iSeries)

2.0.996.39 - 10. July 2006
[*]Fixed: Dropping items over file items in the Remote Browser was not possible. Also known as "Empty Space" bug.
[*]Using dot instead of check mark icons in the menu: View->Sorty By

2.0.996.38 - 6. July 2006
[*]Added Drag&Drop delay (250ms) for selection of MDI tabs and Docking Panes

2.0.996.37 - 6. July 2006
[*]Fixed: Small bug with column sort in the list control of the "Remote Browser".
[*]Added verification of sfFTPLib.dll

2.0.996.36 - 2. July 2006
[*]Set log line hard limit to 1024 to save memory resources.

2.0.996.34 - 28. June 2006
[*]Fixed: Upload Directory for FTP servers with a non-UNIX style path.
[*]Favorites are automatically saved if a new favorite item is added or deleted
[*]History is automatically updated/synchronized after a favorite item has been deleted

2.0.996.33 - 28. June 2006
[*]Fixed: Integrity check was skipped sometimes.
[*]Added right mouse click drag&drop menu to the shell tree in the Local Browser.

2.0.996.32 - 26. June 2006
[*]Fixed: Small problem with the Office 2007 theme.
[*]Fixed: Time comparison (if time is unknown) in the File Exist rules.

2.0.996.31 - 10. June 2006
[*]Internal: Changed the way how the threads in the FTP Library component are started.

2.0.996.30 - 8. June 2006
[*]Fixed: Updated GUI component which fixed the "Customize" problem.

2.0.996.27 - 20. May 2006
[*]Added tear-off to Workspace menu .
[*]Added new icons to the Workspace menu

2.0.996.25 - 15. May 2006
[*]Fixed: Small redrawing problem with Themes.
[*]Toolbars can be moved next to the menu bar now
[*]Added "Stand By" to the On Queue Complete function list.

2.0.996.24 - 12. May 2006
[*]Fixed: Bold items for cached folders.
[*]Fixed: "Close All But This".

2.0.996.23 - 9. May 2006
[*]Fixed: Small GDI leak.
[*]Fixed: Changed some minor things in the dialogs.

2.0.996.19 - 6. May 2006
[*]Experimental: Added "Sync Navigation" feature. The button to enable it can be found in the "Quick Transfer" toolbar.
[*]Fixed: Small buffer overflow in the custom commands code

2.0.996.18 - 30. April 2006
[*]Delete works for running queue items.
[*]Version string is showed in the log of the queue item as well.

2.0.996.17 - 30. April 2006
[*]Fixed: Directory in the Backup page didn't save.

2.0.996.16 - 29. April 2006
[*]Workspace is no longer restored if an URL has been passed in the command line.

2.0.996.15 - 26. April 2006
[*]New command line option: smartftp://GUID/path where GUID is the GUID of the favorite item.
[*]New shortcuts for Favorites: Menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites. Then drag&drop or copy&paste a favorite item to the Desktop. A shortcut is created and you can double click to open the server/remote site.

2.0.996.13 - 22. April 2006
[*]Fixed: Restore Defaults in "Selection Groups".
[*]Closing the File Exist Dialog by clicking on the [x] cancels the operation.

2.0.996.12 - 16. April 2006
[*]Fixed small memory leak introduced in 2.0.996.0.

2.0.996.11 - 14. April 2006
[*]Improved detection for VxWorks.
[*]New Office 2007 Theme. Settings -> Interface -> Theme Manager

2.0.996.10 - 10. April 2006
[*]New VMS - Remove version from filename option in the Settings->Transfer->Files dialog.
[*]If the timeout is set to 0 in a favorite item it's automatically increased to 30s.
[*]Updated GUI library

2.0.996.9 - 9. April 2006
[*]Fixed: When extra long tooltips were used (e.g. German translation) for the buttons in some dialogs the application would crash.

2.0.996.8 - 8. April 2006
[*]Fixed: The clipboard was emptied on exit.
[*]Fixed: Small problem in the Remote Tree Control which caused that the selection wasn't in sync with the view.

2.0.996.6 - 5. April 2006
[*]Added "History" combo box to Remote Browser.
[*]Fixed: Problem with image list in "Favorites Window" if system color depth was lower than 32bit.

2.0.996.5 - 3. April 2006
[*]File Exist Rules: Move Up/Down now possible.

2.0.996.4 - 1. April 2006
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue -> Upload Directory does now add the new items right below the item.
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue -> Upload Directory no longer locks the enumerated directories.
[*]File Exist Rules: Added "Different" condition to Time and Size.

2.0.996.3 - 31. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Disappearing cursor in the Remote Browser if the "Show window contens while dragging" system option is disabled.
[*]Remote Browser: Paste is now disabled if the data in the clipboard is from the same Remote Browser.

2.0.996.2 - 29. March 2006
[*]Added support for MFMT
[*]Fixed: Small bug in File Exist Rules
[*]Fixed: Del key in filter control (ASCII, Exclusion, ...)
[*]Fixed: Data Connection Fail-over

2.0.996.0 - 27. March 2006
[*]Pane layout is automatically reset after language is changed.
[*]Fixed: Timezone calculation
[*]New File Exist Rules

2.0.995.19 - 21. March 2006
[*]Fixed: "Continue on Error" option for CHMOD.
[*]Added USER FireID@Host proxy type.

2.0.995.18 - 20. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Transfer Speed Limits were broken.
[*]Fixed: URL Watcher didn't add the item correctly to Transfer Queue

2.0.995.16 - 16. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Settings -> Transfer -> Performance settings didn't save.
[*]Extended speed control history to 512 seconds.
[*]Transfer Queue doesn't add items to the queue which match one of the exclusion filters.

2.0.995.15 - 9. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Settings -> Transfer -> Compression "Exception List" didn't save.

2.0.995.14 - 8. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Settings -> Interface -> Language control didn't show all modules.
[*]Edit Favorites window uses system images for folder icons.

2.0.995.13 - 7. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Bug with double click in the Localbrowser's list control.

2.0.995.12 - 6. March 2006
[*]Fixed: Clipboard problem in Terminal Sessions.

2.0.995.11 - 3. March 2006
[*]Copy & Paste of favorite item into same folder works now.
[*]Transfer Queue: Improved saving/loading of queue file.
[*]Transfer Queue: Start of queue significantly improved if queue has a lot (10k) of items.

2.0.995.10 - 2. March 2006
[*]"Don't save password on exit" option in Favorite Item -> General dialog.
[*]Login Dialog with "Update Favorite Item" option.

2.0.995.8 - 2. March 2006
[*]Workaround for Microsoft FTP Server (IIS) if Cisco PIX firewall is installed with the ftp strict option enabled.

2.0.995.7 - 28. February 2006
[*]Transfer Queue: Added hard limit (10000) for Sort Items.
[*]Fixed: Copy URL did cut off the last character
[*]Fixed: Transfer Queue: Reuse connection

2.0.995.6 - 24. February 2006
[*]Fixed: MODE Z fallback
[*]Fixed: Wrong color in the log control (e.g. for FEAT reply)
[*]Fixed: "Update Check" shows download link to the correct platform (x86, x64) version.
[*]Added local file drop target to "Upload -> Select" dialog.
[*]Added Stop Time to Queue Timer Dialog
[*]Changed: History now longer remembers passwords. If passwords should not be saved use an empty password in the favorite item.

2.0.995.3 - 17. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Quick Transfer toolbar setting
[*]Fixed: Protocol didn't save correct in Favorite Item dialog
[*]Fixed: File Monitor automatically restarts after the source path/file has been changed

2.0.995.1 - 16. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Local Browser folder links do not longer open a new Windows Explorer instance
[*]Fixed: Fixed wait for retry bug in Transfer Queue
[*]Removed "Save Password" option in History settings. History only has references to the Favorites.
[*]Added new VxWorks parser type

2.0.995.0 - 15. February 2006
[*]New "Quick Connect" dialog. File->New Remote Browser
[*]Changed format of Queue Items

2.0.994.8 - 13. February 2006
[*]New control for "Exclusion List" and "ASCII List".

2.0.994.7 - 13. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Incomplete URL or Host problem on Windows 9x.

2.0.994.6 - 12. February 2006
[*]Replaced control in Priority List Global Settings with new one.

2.0.994.5 - 11. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Compatibility problems with Windows 2000 and lower.

2.0.994.4 - 11. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Windows->Auto Layout option wasn't always correctly saved

2.0.994.3 - 10. February 2006
[*]New Time Zone settings for favorite item. If the LIST (instead of MLSD) command is used for directory listings the time will automatically adjusted according to the timezone setting in the favorie item.
[*]Fixed: Upload Dialog -> Add Files. Selection was limited to about 8 files

2.0.994.2 - 10. February 2006
[*]New properties dialog for queue items.

2.0.994.1 - 9. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Backspace in Remote Browser

2.0.994.0 - 8. February 2006
[*]New "Monitor Local File" feature for queue items. Queue an item for upload then right-click on it and select "Schedule". Check the "Monitor Local File" checkbox click on OK. Start the Queue. Now everytime the local file changes it's been processed (uploaded).
[*]Translations < 2.0.994.0 are incompatible with this version and will crash the application if the "Schedule" dialog is opened.
[*]Optimized sorting of items
[*]Fixed: Navigation by keystroke
[*]"Priority List" in the Global Settings is automatically reset to the default.
[*]Proxy Exceptions and Selection Groups don't support regular expressions (regex) anymore

2.0.993.33 - 7. February 2006
[*]Transfer Queue shows a warning in the log if there is insufficient space to transfer the complete file. Previously the transfer didn't start.
[*]Fixed: Edit Favorites window is now updated after a new favorite has been added using the "Add Favorite" dialog.

2.0.993.30 - 3. February 2006
[*]Modifications affecting the Transfer Queue. Especially Thread per Site limit and Reuse Connection option.

2.0.993.28 - 2. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Folder Up in "Edit Favorites"
[*]Fixed: Export in "Edit Favorites"
[*]Added sort for Remote Browser -> Bookmarks menu

2.0.993.27 - 1. February 2006
[*]Fixed: Log Auto Hide/Restore problem

2.0.993.24 - 31. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Rename bug in Favorites list control

2.0.993.21 - 30. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Global accelerators (again).
[*]Added F6 to select address input box
[*]Added Add/Remove button in Settings->Transfer-Filters dialog.

2.0.993.20 - 29. January 2006
[*]Removed unused string resources.
[*]Fixed: URLs (Help->Online Help, etc) didn't open when Maxthon was installed.

2.0.993.19 - 28. January 2006
[*]Small performance improvements in the Local Browser Shell Tree control.

2.0.993.18 - 27. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Problem on some systems where Drag&Drop from the Queue List Control to Windows Explorer would fail.

2.0.993.17 - 27. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Global key accelerators didn't work when the Transfer Queue pane was focused

2.0.993.16 - 27. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Tab didn't select the full text in the User input box in the address bar.
[*]Window/Pane state data now compressed when saved into the registry.

2.0.993.15 - 27. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Settings were not saved if the Import Dialog was shown.
[*]Fixed: "Login to Proxy" didn't work correctly for several FTP Proxies (USER user@host:port, SITE, OPEN).

2.0.993.14 - 27. January 2006
[*]Fixed: CHMOD didn't update current view.
[*]Fixed: When using the Queue Item Property Dialog, the username,password,port,host of the item wasn't updated.

2.0.993.13 - 26. January 2006
[*]Added Drag&Drop from Queue List Control to Local Browser and Windows Explorer.
[*]Local Browser tree control is respecting the Windows Explorer "Hide protected operating system files" option.
[*]Disabled gradient in tool tips
[*]Replaced balloons with tool tips
[*]Last active tab is remembered on restore.
[*]Fixed: History option "Save Password" was not correctly saved.

2.0.993.12 - 25. January 2006
[*]SmartHook.dll self-registers on every start of the application.

2.0.993.11 - 25. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Proxy username not saved correctly.

2.0.993.10 - 24. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Crash when the application is started with an URL in the command line: SmartFTP.exe ftp://test.com

2.0.993.9 - 24. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Some custom commands including "RETR file". Commands sent with the "Command Line" are considered custom commands as well.

2.0.993.8 - 24. January 2006
[*]Fixed: History is now saved regardless of the "Save History" option when the Settings dialog is closed.
[*]Fixed: Fixed a small bug which cause the Local Browser to refresh unexpectedly.

2.0.993.7 - 23. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Right-click in tree control selected the item.
[*]Fixed: "Paste" in Local Browser.
[*]Added Copy&Paste to Remote Browser. When using "Paste" in the Local Browser use the toolbar or the "Commands" menu.

2.0.993.6 - 22. January 2006
[*]Fixed: New Folder/New Favorite problem in "Edit Favorites" if the focus wasn't set.
[*]Fixed: "Statistics" window show/hide state wasn't saved in all cases.
[*]Changed Global Settings -> Queue : On Startup setting to be more flexible.

2.0.993.5 - 21. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Global Settings dialog didn't notify other windows (e.g. Transfer Queue) of setting change.

2.0.993.4 - 20. January 2006
[*]Support for z/VM servers.
[*]Removed gradient in "Quick Transfer" toolbar.

2.0.993.3 - 20. January 2006
[*]Fixed: SmartHook.dll in 64bit build.

2.0.993.2 - 19. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Drag&Drop to Desktop item.
[*]Rewrote importer for FlashFXP. Using MBCS now instead of Unicode.

2.0.993.0 - 18. January 2006
[*]Changed: Selection Groups (Ctrl+0-9) not working in Local Browser if used shortkey

2.0.992.42 - 18. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Double click on SSL icon in status bar has no effect.
[*]New "Upload Dialog"
[*]New "Quick Transfer" Toolbar.
[*]Settings, Queue and other data is now saved when the computer is shutdown or the user is logged off while the application is running.

2.0.992.40 - 16. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Remote Browser failed to restore the last selected folder.
[*]Fixed: Remote Browser view state (Windows Position in MDI mode, List Control columns, etc) is now saved into the registry instead of the favorite item.
[*]Fixed Logcontrol didn't set the world wrap correctly.

2.0.992.39 - 14. January 2006
[*]Fixed: "Don't ask again" drawing glitch in the message box on systems with Large Fonts (120 dpi).
[*]Fixed: If the favorite item cannot be found (lost favorites.dat) the workspace manager restores a Remote Browser without connecting.
[*]Fixed "/s/s" in "Speed" window.

2.0.992.37 - 13. January 2006
[*]Fixed: "New Folder" bug in the "Edit Favorites" window.
[*]Solution for problem described here: http://www.smartftp.com/forums/How-to-disa...html
[*]Fixed: Crash in Queue which has be caused if the application extracted the file size from the directory listing afer a failed SIZE command.

2.0.992.35 - 12. January 2006
[*]Fixed: "USER Objects" resource leaks when opening/closing MDI windows.
[*]Added auto save of Queue every 5 minutes if an item has been added/remove/moved

2.0.992.34 - 12. January 2006
[*]Fixed: The Remote Browser didn't close properly when the Ident server was enabled on connect.
[*]Fixed: Some "GDI Object" memory leaks.

2.0.992.31 - 9. January 2006
[*]Removed 8bit color bitmaps. 32bit alpha bitmaps are now re-sampled on OS not supporting alpha bitmaps (e.g. Windows 98).
[*]Small fixes on Windows 98.

2.0.992.30 - 9. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Clicking on Go button the first time after startup has no effect.
[*]Import for FTPRush (RushSite.xml) sites. Passwords with more than 7 chars cannot be imported.

2.0.992.28 - 8. January 2006
[*]Fixed: Problem if the Remote Browser was closed during the login sequence. e.g. after the PASS command.
[*]Fixed: Status Popup restore on startup.

2.0.992.27 - 7. January 2006
[*]LIST a* does now work in the Command Line toolbar and in the Custom Commands.
[*]Remote Browser: Pane (Log, Command Line, Tree) states now serialized to registry.
[*]Tab Bar position can be set. Right-click on tab bar then select the "Position" sub menu.

2.0.992.26 - 5. January 2006

[*]New travel log for Remote Browser.
[*]Fixed: Settings->Navigation "Double Click Action".
[*]Fixed: Favorites folder not automatically created if non existent.

2.0.992.25 - 4. January 2006
[*]Fixed a problem with the spin controls in the Transfer Queue which has been introduced in .23.
[*]Remote Browser column details/order and windows position in the MDI mode are now correctly saved.
[*]Fixed a bug with the rename function in the ShellView control of the Local Browser.

2.0.992.23 - 3. January 2006
[*]Fixed: View >> arrange icons >> by date >> does not work
[*]Ported some controls (Ask Command Argument dialog, Set Speed dialog, DateTime Dialog, Splash) to MFC.

2.0.992.21 - 31. December 2005
[*]Fixed: Password input box in Favorites -> General dialog now shows the password in plaintext if the Global Settings -> Interface -> Show Password option is set.
[*]Added Backup Tool

2.0.992.20 - 30. December 2005
[*]Fixed: History item is not added/moved to top if folder is cached.
[*]Fixed: Rename of current folder in tree caused the current location not to be updated correctly.
[*]Fixed: Icon of Update Check.
[*]Changed icon for "Local Browser" to the one in the menu: FTP->Local Browser
[*]Added Settings -> Backup dialog for automatic backup options.
[*]Workaround: Redraw problems in main window if "Close Remote Browser" user prompt is shown.

2.0.992.19 - 29. December 2005
[*]Fixed: Missing icons in Local Browser combo box.
[*]Fixed: XTP: Drag over selection in CXTTreeCtrl is grey instead of blue?!.
[*]Fixed: Global Settings: History. Tool for Properties is "Properties / CHMOD" instead of "Properties"
[*]Fixed: History item (user/login) is not correct updated if changed.
[*]Fixed: Settings->Connection "Enable UPnP" option not correctly saved.
[*]TYPE I before SIZE.

2.0.992.18 - 26. December 2005
[*]No more user prompts if the Global Queue "On Complete" action is set to "Close Application"

2.0.992.17 - 25. December 2005
[*]Fixed: File Exist > Compare using a hash function for file exist action
[*]Fixed: High CPU usage when Global Queue is running.

2.0.992.16 - 22. December 2005
[*]Fixed: File Exist settings are correctly saved.
[*]Fixed: Show Password option.

2.0.992.15 - 19. December 2005
[*]Fixed: Global Speed Limits not set when changed in the Global Settings.

2.0.992.14 - 12. December 2005
[*]Fixed: Applying filters to folders does not work.

2.0.992.13 - 10. December 2005
[*]Scrolling text when minimized and transfer is in progress

2.0.992.11 - 8. December 2005
[*]Fixed: Local Browser : Tree and Combo: Automatically seeks floppy drive.
[*]Added background color settings for log control

2.0.992.10 - 7. December 2005
[*]Added "Login Dialog" if username or password is empty.
[*]Fixed shortcut keys in the list control inline edit control. (e.g. DEL would delete the item instead of the text selected)
[*]Fixed various font issues.
[*]Local Browser is now automatically opened on connect according to the Favorite Item settings.
[*]When connecting from the address bar, a new favorite item is automatically created if no matching item is found.

2.0.992.7 - 3. December 2005
Initial release for public

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